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VS929: Vintage Revo 3025 001 blue mirror H20 sunglasses feature the distinctive lens shape characteristic of Revo 3025 sunglasses in a sleek black frame which goes perfectly with the highly reflective blue mirror H20 polarized lenses. Revo 3025 sunglasses have a subtle wrap design that will contour closely to your face to give your eyes additional protection on the sides, and the mirrored finish of the lenses will reflect glare and work with the H20 polarization to give you 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Tell Me More

VS941: Vintage Revo Grand Venture Aviator sunglasses feature a matte black frame and highly reflective Revo blue mirror lenses in a unique Revo interpretation of classic aviator sunglasses. Very early in the Revo style line circa mid 1980s, the matte black composite frame looks great with the highly reflective Revo blue mirror lenses which at this point were shaded between future Revo blue and stealth mirror lens hues. The finely crafted composite frame makes them lightweight despite the real mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS943: Vintage Revo 1005 001 Hero sunglasses feature a matte black frame and top of the line round Revo blue mirror lenses, the Hero style that's one of the most enduringly popular frames introduced in the Revo Shapes Collection c late 1980s. The matte black Revo Hero frame looks great with the highly reflective blue mirror lenses, and the spring loaded hinges contribute to a comfortable and secure fit. Tell Me More

VS946: Vintage Revo 1208 010 Tiburon sunglasses feature intricately etched antique gold hinges and front frame, tortoise shell ear stems, and Revo green H20 polarized lenses. Note the precisely and finely detailed etching that decorates both temples and the nose bridge, a distinctive design feature of Revo 1208 Tiburon sunglasses that's kept them among the most popular vintage Revo styles year after year. Tell Me More

VS950: Vintage Revo Grand Venture Aviator shooter sunglasses are an icon from the very first release of Revo sunglasses c mid 1980s and were produced for only the first few months of the company's operation before they made several design changes that culminated in the Revo 800 Grand Venture that most people mistakenly believe was their initial release of this style. This early Venture Aviator model features a matte black composite frame, highly reflective stealth mirror lenses, and Revo shooter ear stems. Tell Me More

VS953: Rare vintage Revo Grand Venture Aviator shooter sunglasses feature a matte black aviator style frame, highly reflective Revo blue mirror lenses, and very hard to find Revo shooter ear stems for the most secure fit possible for active outdoor activities. It is very difficult to find Revo shooters, made in only small quantities and for only about 2 years in the mid 1980s. Tell Me More

VS1011: Vintage Revo 1012 001 Sleek sunglasses feature highly reflective Revo stealth mirror lenses that will pick up plenty of hues of red, blue, and purple out in the sunlight coupled with a high performance matte black frame. The matte black frame looks great with the silver - blue stealth mirror lenses, and this is a size and shape that's equally popular with both men and women. Tell Me More

VS1012: Vintage Revo 3050 080 sunglasses feature Revo stealth mirror H20 polarized lenses in a sleek chrome wrap Italian frame, designed as one of Revo's top of the line sports frames not to mention exuding high style. Revo 3050 sunglasses feature a black and chrome frame that has a subtle wrap design to contour more closely to your face, and it looks terrific with highly reflective Revo stealth mirror H20 polarized lenses that pick up hues of pink, red, and purple out in the sunlight. Tell Me More

VS1031: Vintage Revo 1126 001 Giant Cobra sunglasses features Revo green mirror lenses and the intricately etched black Giant Python frame from the Revo Shapes collection. Seldom do you have a sunglasses where the frame and lenses are equally stunning, but that's the case with the Revo 1126 001 with black Giant Cobra frame with that distinctive horizontal etching and Revo highly reflective green mirror lenses. Tell Me More

VS1032: Vintage Revo 1129 001 blue mirror sunglasses feature great tortoise shell ear stems that are the perfect complement to the highly reflective Revo blue mirror lenses in this classic style from the Shapes Collection. This style is reminiscent of Revo 962 001 sunglasses, but the lenses are a more unique shape (versus oval in the 962) and the tortoise ear stems have a more uniform color than you'll find on any other pair of vintage Revos. Tell Me More

VS1033: Vintage Revo 1210 034 Woodside sunglasses feature an incredible copper frame that evokes the look and texture of bamboo. You'll note the precise detailing that creates this bamboo effect in the workmanship of the frame, and the copper looks great with green Revo lenses from the Revo Traveler Collection c 1980s / early 1990s. Tell Me More


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