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VS200: Revo 1411 001 Curie sunglasses were the slimmest design ever produced by the company, with small round brown Revo lenses 1.675" in diameter rimmed in a thin band of tortoise shell and unusual thin wire ear stems that pre-dated by 20-30 years similar modern designs by newer companies like Maui Jim. Tell Me More

VS202: Vintage Revo 1208 011 Tiburon sunglasses from the Traveler Collection combine an etched silver gunmetal frame with jet black ear stems and green Revo lenses for a particularly striking and eye catching look. The Revo logo is cleverly integrated into the intricately etched metal on each ear stem near the hinges, and it's one of the best incorporations of the Revo logo of any style of vintage Revo sunglasse. Tell Me More

VS206: Vintage Revo 1121 058 Regent sunglasses are beautiful to look at and super cool to wear, featuring an Italian frame combining antique bronze and tortoise shell that holds Revo's top of the line brown H20 polarized lenses. You'll notice that the hinges on Revo 1121 sunglasses are a little more distinctive than many vintage Revo styles from the 1980s and 1990s, with a lighter, thinner profile than the norm. Tell Me More

VS208: Vintage Revo 1101 030 sunglasses embody the exceptional design of early Revo sunglasses from the 1980s a with mottled blue Italian metal frame and Revo stealth mirror lenses. The design is reminiscent of cat eye sunglasses from the 1950s but with some obvious Revo design flair, and the mottled blue top frame and ear stems give Revo 1101 sunglasses a very distinctive look whether from the front or from the sides. Tell Me More

VS210: Revo 1119 062 Shapely sunglasses feature a classic shape, jet black French composite frame, and Revo's top of the line stealth mirror lenses which all together create quite an eye catching look in vintage sunglasses. Revo 1119 062 sunglasses were a low production style and hard to find today, and it's a curvaceous low profile design as the style name Shapely implies. Tell Me More

VS216: Vintage Revo 1112 001 Rectangle sunglasses with blue mirror H20 lenses and tortoise shell stems are one of the rarest and most sought after styles of vintage Revos. It's an analogous style to Revo 962 001 blue mirror and tortoise sunglasses but with a more rounded rectangle versus oval lens shape. The hinges and nose bridge of the frame are a matte black which subtly complements the blue mirror lenses and tortoise shell ear stems. Tell Me More

VS218: Vintage Revo 1410 001 sunglasses are cool, light, thin, and comfortable to wear featuring a brushed gold Italian metal frame and brown mineral glass lenses. Similar in style to modern Maui Jim sunglasses but with superior Revo lens technology, these Revo 1410 sunglasses are perfect for both active sports when you want a light, comfortable fit as well as a stylish fashion accessory to wear out and about. Tell Me More

VS220: Vintage Revo 960 005 Full Moon green mirror sunglasses c 1980s were one of the most popular styles ever produced by Revo and quite rare and still a top 5 favorite of vintage sunglasses collectors. There's no better color combination than Revo green mirror lenses and gold, and that's all embodied in these vintage Revo 960 Full Moon sunglasses. You'll find the Revo logo embossed on each ear stem near the hinges. Tell Me More

VS222: Rare variation of already hot vintage Revo 962 050 sunglasses still have the great black ear stems coupled with Revo's oval mirrored lenses - more typically stealth mirrored lenses - but these low production variant Revo 962 050/62 sunglasses also feature Revo blue mirror H20 polarized lenses. Tell Me More

VS225: Vintage Revo 1103 001 blue mirror sunglasses have a thin band of tortoise shell that surrounds each of the Revo blue mirrored lenses and provide a unique and eye catching look in the vintage Revo Italian frame c late 1980s / early 1990s. Tell Me More

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