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VS2746: Vintage Serengeti 6416 Passport sunglasses feature a distinctively thick matte gold front frame and matching matte gold ear stems, a perfect color combination for the Serengeti mineral glass rose lenses. You'll note that this frame style has parallels with vintage Revo 1415 sunglasses, for during these years of the 1990s Revo and Serengeti sometimes shared frame designs but each used their own proprietary lens technology to go in them. Tell Me More

VS2747: Vintage Serengeti 5471 sunglasses feature a clean and elegant gold plated frame that's a perfect middle of the road size to be distinctive yet suitable for a wide variety of face sizes and shapes. The gleaming polished gold looks great with these early Serengeti mineral glass lenses, a look that's suitable for both formal and casual occasions. Tell Me More

VS2748: Vintage Serengeti 5402 sunglasses are a unique Serengeti interpretation of vintage aviator sunglasses, but we think you'll agree with a whole lot more design flair and fine craftsmanship. The rich colors of the Tortuga tortoise shell are really eye catching, found on both the front frame as well as the ear stems. Tell Me More

VS2749: Vintage Serengeti 6281 sunglasses are reminiscent - in fact a near exact replica - of vintage Revo 987 Napa sunglasses. Our research indicates that during the 1990s Revo and Serengeti shared some frame designs but used them with their own unique designs for precision optical lenses. So in Serengeti 6281 sunglasses you get the intricate etching on the beautiful antique gold frame, but you also get the famous Corning Optics mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS2750: Vintage Serengeti 6299 sunglasses feature a beautifully etched rose gold frame to go with its Corning Optics mineral glass lenses, a finely crafted and elegant design that's one of the most famous and hardest to find of any vintage Serengeti. We think you'll agree that this rose gold frame is one of the most beautiful of all vintage Serengetis, and with Corning glass lenses this is one of the most highly sought after of any vintage Serengetis. Tell Me More

VS2751: Vintage Serengeti 5388 Vermilion sunglasses are a durable, high performance sports frame that's extremely flexible and made from an advanced rubber compound patented by Serengeti in the 1990s. They provide both comfort and performance, but the real stars of the show are the Serengeti Vermilion 7000SS double gradient mirror lenses made by Corning Optics of Corning glass fame. The silver mirror exterior coatings are applied to a rose colored base lens with rich blue - purple anti-glare coatings. Tell Me More

VS2752: Vintage Serengeti 5657 sunglasses feature a beautiful rose gold frame with stylized rivets decorating the ear stems and nose bridge, an incredible color to go with the optically pure and eye catching Corning Optics mineral glass lenses. You won't find a more eye catching and finely crafted frame than the Serengeti 5657, one of the very best styles Serengeti produced during their golden years of the 1990s. Tell Me More

VS2753: Vintage Serengeti 6733 sunglasses feature a sleek, low profile wrap sunglasses frame that has similar characteristics to design features you'll see in vintage B&L Ray-Ban Orbs sunglasses. It's a gleaming, well crafted copper frame with high performance design that makes it great for sports and active outdoor pursuits. Tell Me More

VS2754: Vintage Serengeti 5376 sunglasses feature a finely crafted gold plated frame that is a similar shape to vintage B&L Ray-Ban Fashion Metals sunglasses but with that unmistakable Serengeti design flair. Aside from the elegance of the 5376 frame, you also get the optical excellence of these mineral glass lenses made by Corning Optics of Corning glass fame. Tell Me More

VS2755: Vintage Serengeti 5332 Drivers sunglasses feature the simple but elegant design for which Serengeti was known during their golden years of the 1990s, a look reminiscent of John Lennon sunglasses with a gleaming gold plated frame and mostly round Corning Optics mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

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