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VS2399: Vintage Serengeti 6294 Wickets sunglasses are one of the most popular of all vintage Serengeti styles thanks to the unique and distinctive shape and color combination of light orange tortoise shell with gold hose bridge and ear stems. But don't mistake these vintage Serengetis for modern Serengetis made today, for these date to the period when the lenses were all glass and were made by Corning Optics, the optical subsidiary of the famous Corning Glass Works. Tell Me More

VS2486: Vintage Serengeti 5350 sunglasses feature a classically styled matte black frame and Corning Optics rose colored Vermilion lenses, the rarest and most sought after of all vintage Serengeti sunglasses lenses. Serengeti Vermilion double gradient mirror and anti-reflection coated lenses." Marketing literature from the period goes on to note that "their built-in Spectral Control filters sharpen images for extraordinary visibility and eye comfort in all daylight weather conditions". Tell Me More

VS2558-1: Vintage Serengeti sunglasses croakie to secure your sunglasses around your neck dates to the original years of Serengeti production when the company was an innovative upstart using high quality mineral glass lenses made by Corning Optics. It's a great addition to your Serengeti collection or just an incredibly useful accessory - if you've ever had a pair of sunglasses fall off the top of your head or out of your pocket as everyone around here has you know what we're talking about! Tell Me More

VS2577: Vintage Serengeti 6800 Arabella sunglasses feature a sleek, low profile design in black ebony, a finely crafted Italian frame that forms the perfect color complement for the optically outstanding Serengeti lenses with rose anti-reflective coating. Tell Me More

VS2585: Vintage Serengeti H84 H2Optix sunglasses feature a durable, lightweight frame with side panels designed to contour closely to the face and provide total eye protection from wind and glare in even the most extreme environments. Specially formulated to create outstanding optics on the water, Serengeti H20 Optics were marketed as "sunglasses for the waters of the world" and as Serengeti's "Marine Vision System." Tell Me More

VS2690: Vintage Serengeti 6216 Vermilion sunglasses are a unique Serengeti design that combines elements of Ray-Ban Predator sunglasses but in a much sleeker frame along with the top of the line Corning Optics rose double gradient mirror Vermilion lenses. Serengeti Vermilion lenses by Corning were marketed as "the first all weather, high performance sunglasses for skiing, sailing, and extreme exposure conditions with photochromatic, Vermillion double gradient mirror and anti-reflection coated lenses." Tell Me More

VS2710: Vintage Serengeti 6260 Wickets Vermilion sunglasses are a sleek, racing inspired design featuring a black graphite frame, but the real stars of the show are the amazing Corning Optics Vermilion double gradient mirror rose lenses. The frame is lightweight and strong, produced with carbon fiber used in the aerospace industry, and the eye catching Corning Vermilion lenses have built in spectral control filters that sharpen images while eliminating glare. Tell Me More

VS2741: Vintage Serengeti 5394 Vermilion sunglasses feature a gloss black ebony frame that's both high performance and looks great at the same time, but the real stars of the show are the Corning Optics Vermilion rose colored mineral glass lenses. These Serengeti 5394 sunglass lenses use Corning's patented Vector contrast control system specially created for sports; it penetrates mist, boosts contrast, and reduces glare via photochromatic Spectral Control lenses. Tell Me More

VS2744: Vintage Serengeti 5360 sunglasses feature a unique angular shape with nose bridge reminiscent of vintage American Optical aviators, brow bar to improve balance on the face, shooter ear stems for the most secure fit possible, and of course amazing Serengeti Vermilion rose lenses made by Corning Optics. This is one of the most distinctive styles Serengeti ever produced during their golden years of collaboration with Corning Optics. Tell Me More

VS2745: Vintage Serengeti sunglasses and eyewear marketing promotions and accessories including Nascar 50th anniversary commemorative case from 1998 and rare Serengeti H2Optix promotional materials. Tell Me More

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