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VS681: Vintage Serengeti DR 5500 Equator sunglasses feature an intricately and precisely etched copper frame and Corning Optics lenses from the Serengeti Drivers Series c 1990s. This is one of the most beautiful and elegant designs ever produced by Serengeti, with intricately etched copper ear stems and nose bridge with the Serengeti logo integrated into the design on each stem near the hinges. Tell Me More

VS682: Vintage Serengeti DR 6227 Wickets sunglasses feature a matte black graphite frame and a design inspired by racing - in fact, these Serengeti 6227 Wickets driving sunglasses come with a Serengeti Nascar branded hard case c 1998. The matte black graphite frame and the use of black metal on the nose bridge and ear stems instead of the more typical gold gives Serengeti 6227 Wickets driving sunglasses a racing appeal that's stood the test of time. Tell Me More

VS683: Vintage Serengeti Metro Taupe sunglasses feature an incredible brushed gold frame with pronounced rivet accents and Corning Optics glass lenses from the Serengeti Drivers Series. This brushed and antique gold frame exudes high quality even from afar, and the 3 rivets on each ear stem and on each side of the nose bridge give Serengeti 5607 Metro sunglasses one of the most distinctive looks ever produced by Serengeti. Tell Me More

VS684: Vintage Serengeti DR 5578 Zenith sunglasses from the Serengeti Driving Series feature a matte black frame and the amazing Corning Optics glass lenses c 1990s. The matte black metal frame measures approximately 5.0" temple to temple and is clearly well made and eye catching with finely etched details on both ear stems that incorporate the Serengeti logo. Tell Me More

VS685: Vintage Serengeti DR 6506 Kite sunglasses in rare Italian Charcoal frame c 1990s feature Corning Optics glass lenses and were part of the Serengeti Drivers Series of vintage sunglasses. We really like the horizontal etching and the mixture of silver and black on the ear stems of Serengeti 6506 Kite sunglasses, and you'll find the Serengeti logo integrated into the design on both stems. Tell Me More

VS686: Vintage Serengeti DR 5576 Solstice sunglasses feature a finely etched matte black frame and Corning Optics glass lenses c 1990s, part of the well known Serengeti Drivers Series. The sleek black frame really looks great with the Corning anti-glare lenses, and you'll find the Serengeti brand logo impressed on the exterior of both ear stems along with some decorative etching for additional design flair. Tell Me More

VS687: Vintage Serengeti 5222 Drivers black aviator sunglasses are a real classic in vintage sunglass design, one of the premier styles in the Serengeti Drivers Series c early 1990s. You'll love the high performance of these Corning Optics mineral glass lenses used in vintage Serengetis, here a photochromatic lens that darkens with light intensity and a far cry from today's Serengeti sunglasses with plastic lenses. Tell Me More

VS1156: Vintage Serengeti 5282 Drivers sunglasses feature a beautiful dark burgundy frame that provides the perfect color complement for the rose tinted mineral glass lenses produced by Corning Optics c early 1990s. This is a durable nylon frame that will stand up to rugged use while the Corning lenses provide uncompromising optical quality and via their photochromatic properties will adapt to changing light conditions. Tell Me More

VS1157: Vintage Serengeti 5252 Drivers sunglasses from the Serengeti Drivers series feature a sleek black racing frame in a size and shape reminiscent of vintage Alpina M1 sunglasses coupled with top of the line Corning Optics double gradient mirror glass lenses. These highly reflective lenses use a gradient density mirrored coating on the front of the lens to complement the anti-glare properties the rose colored anti-reflective coating on the back of the lens provides. Tell Me More

VS1158: Vintage Serengeti VC-5362 Sport Aviator Vermilion sunglasses feature top of the line Corning Optics Vermilion rose colored lenses in one of the most uniquely shaped sunglass designs ever produced by Serengeti. These Serengeti matte black Sport Vermilion Aviator sunglasses feature Corning glass lenses with their patented Vector contrast control system specially created for sports. Tell Me More

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