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VS419: Vintage Serengeti DR 5642 Sirocco Solano etched copper sunglasses are similar to the Serengeti DR 5641 but here the etched copper frame has been replaced by an etched matte black frame and the lenses take on a somewhat different shape. Tell Me More

VS448: Vintage Serengeti Falcon DR6496 sunglasses are a stylish Serengeti interpretation of great Italian sunglasses with the great Corning Optics amber / rose lenses. Aside from the lenses with right lens laser etched with the stylized Serengeti S, we really like the horizontal etching and the integrated Serengeti logo. Tell Me More

VS570: Vintage Serengeti 5569 Signia sunglasses were one of the earliest Serengeti sunglasses styles to use a matte composite frame, and the 5569 Signia was produced when most Serengeti sunglasses were still made in Italy and the lenses made by Corning Optics. The matte black composite frame is lightweight to make them comfortable to wear yet very durable. Tell Me More

VS648: We think you'll agree vintage Serengeti DR 6255 Tobacco Tortoise sunglasses from the Serengeti Drivers Series are one pretty hot example of fine vintage sunglasses. These are not your modern flimsy Serengetis with plastic lenses but real quality Serengeti sunglasses c 1990s that had wonderful and stylish frames and real glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS649: Vintage Serengeti DR 6490 Osprey aviator sunglasses feature a matte bronze frame with intricate and precise etching and early Serengeti mineral glass lenses made by Corning Optics. Note the detail in the horizontal etching and the incorporation of the Serengeti logo on the ear stems. Tell Me More

VS676: Vintage Serengeti DR 6501 Sea Hawk sunglasses feature a matte gold frame, tortoise shell ear pads, and a distinctive precisely etched pattern at each of the hinges where the Serengeti logo is integrated into the design. It's a great look in the Serengeti Drivers Series combined with Corning Optics glass lenses which have a blue blocker coating on the rear. Tell Me More

VS677: Vintage Serengeti DR 6206 Wickets sunglasses feature a tortoise shell and gold frame with pronounced rivets and one of the most unique looks among all vintage Serengetis. It's a great look in the Serengeti Drivers Series combined with Corning Optics glass lenses which have a rose tint rear coating. Tell Me More

VS678: Vintage Serengeti DR 5413 Southwest Capri sunglasses feature a beautiful antique bronze and Aztec tortoise frame which is one of the most beautiful designs ever produced by Serengeti c 1990s. These have all the bells and whistles, with an etched antique bronze frame and wonderful tortoise ear stems that are almost tranlucent in their ability to transmit light and the Serengeti logo on the outside of each ear stem. Tell Me More

VS679: Vintage Serengeti KN 5662 Summit sunglasses from the Serengeti Drivers Series features a gleaming tortoise shell frame that picks up plenty of hues of orange and yellow out in the sunlight for a really unique look. You'll find the Serengeti logo impressed on the outside of both tortoise ear stems. Tell Me More

VS680: Vintage Serengeti DR5639 Zephyr Henna sunglasses from the Drivers series a very sleek matte copper etched metal frame coupled with those amazing Corning Optics glass lenses that you will only find in vintage Serengetis from the 1990s. The quality of the frame and lenses is quite evident, seen in details like the precise vertical etching in the matte black metal ear stems. Like all of our vintage Serengeti sunglasses, they feature Corning Optics ground and polished glass lenses. Tell Me More

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