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VS2386: Round out your Oakley collection or start one with some rare and hard to find Oakley sunglasses marketing and promotional accessories from the 1990s Everything in this set is vintage new old stock and includes a super cool strap key chain with Oakley insignia plus skull and crossbones on the inside, a large Oakley logo sticker, a white Oakley sticker promoting the Oakley Factory Pilot tour, and a collection of Oakley O logos in both gray and black and a small display stand with slot for cards or stickers. Tell Me More

VS2433: Vintage Oakley XX TiO2 sunglasses are light, strong, and rare, a combination of Oakley Romeo ear stems and the the Oakley Juliet lens contour with an average size of both but more inclined to the Romeos. The contrasting light and dark X Metal, Oakley X Metal is also called C5, a composite of 5 different metals that are heated and then fused together during the manufacturing process. Tell Me More

VS2434: Vintage Oakley XX Twenty sunglasses feature the hard to find, low production gunmetal frame paired with top of the line Oakley Fire Iridium lenses. The vintage Oakley Twenty is an enduringly popular style, and it was produced in a variety of frame and lens combinations but none better than the dark gunmetal and the highly reflective Fire Iridium lenses that will pick up hues of red and orange out in the sunlight. Tell Me More

VS2435: Vintage Oakley Juliet sunglasses feature the rare X Metal Carbon frame, a darker frame color than any other variant in vintage Oakley Pennys and Juliets and we think you'll agree particularly sleek and elegant in its style. The Oakley Ice Iridium lenses bring out rich deep shades of blue in the sunlight, a perfect color complement to the dark hues of the Oakley Juliet Carbon frame. Oakley uses titanium in these Oakley Carbon sunglasses, a space-age metal famed for it's extreme strength to weight quotient. Tell Me More

VS2470: Vintage Oakley Frogskins sunglasses feature a beautiful Crystal Black frame that has great smokey translucence along with Oakley Chrome Iridium lenses that give you a rich, vibrant silver mirror look and optics. The Frogskins crystal black frame has the same translucence as the clear Frogskins frame, but it has more of a gray tint that's a nice complement with the highly reflective silver mirror Chrome Iridium lenses. Tell Me More

VS2478: Vintage Oakley A Wire sunglasses are the second generation of this modern sunglasses icon c late 1990s, but we think you'll agree this is arguably the best of all the Oakley A Wire designs. The front frame is slightly more of an elongated oval than its predecessor, a finely crafted frame with highly reflective Gold Iridium lenses. But what we most like about this style are the enlarged ear pads, the ultimate in comfort and we think an improvement over the first generation. Tell Me More

VS2481: Vintage Oakley Juliet sunglasses feature a sleek Plasma X Metal frame, highly reflective Fire Iridium lenses, and super cool red ear pads and hinge inserts known around the world for their use on the low production Michael Jordan line of vintage Oakleys c late 1990s / very early 2000s. Oakley Fire Iridium lenses are made using superheated metallic oxides which are fused to the lens at the molecular level, permanently bonding to create a uniform filtering layer that optimizes contrast and minimizes glare. Tell Me More

VS2482: Vintage Oakley A Wire sunglasses feature the super cool Z configuration ear stems of the first generation of the Oakley A Wire in an eye catching Polished chrome frame and Oakley Gold Iridium lenses to round out the look. You'll note the subtle difference in shape in the first generation A Wire, a slightly larger lens that both looks great and gives some added eye protection. Tell Me More

VS2487: Vintage Oakley Ti Square Wire sunglasses feature a lightweight, high performance design that combines the light weight of titanium with Oakley Black Iridium lenses to make the Ti Square Wire perfect for everything from sports to a fancy cocktail party. Few of this style were produced, so it's one of the few Oakleys you can be pretty confident you can wear out without any fear of anyone else also wearing your sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS2488: Vintage Oakley Juliet sunglasses are a first generation, low production variation featuring a Polished Juliet frame and very hard to find Oakley Fire Iridium polarized lenses. You'll love the vibrant colors and hues of red and yellow that really come out in the sunlight, and the already impressive optical properties of vintage Oakley lenses are further enhanced by this polarized version of the Fire Iridium. Tell Me More

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