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VS3284: Vintage Oakley Madman sunglasses feature the original X metal Madman Plasma and Carbon high performance frame, here in this variation pairing the top of the line Plasma X Metal frame with hard to find Oakley Violet Iridium polarized lenses. Channeling the best of Oakley mad science, the Oakley Madman brought crazy good style and insane technology together in a style that rivaled the best of other Oakley X Metal icons like the Over The Top, Juliet, Penny, and Mars. Tell Me More

VS3293: Vintage Oakley Romeo Titanium sunglasses feature Gold Iridium lenses with the plasma Titanium frame finish that had just a bit more silver tint than the slightly more beige tint that preceded it, two early Titanium frame subtle color variations of one of the most instantly identifiable and most highly sought after styles of sunglasses regardless of brand. And when you look at the style, advanced materials, and construction it's easy to see why. Tell Me More

VS3300: Vintage Oakley C Wire sunglasses are harder to find and more elongated that vintage Oakley E Wire sunglasses and come to more of an outside point than the more rounded yet also elonaged vintage Oakley A Wire sunglasses. The platinum Titanium frame gives them a sleek, high performance look, and the matte silver finish looks great with the early Blue Iridium lenses, a richer and deeper shade of blue than subsequent blue Ice iridium lenses. Tell Me More

VS3303: Vintage first generation Oakley E Wire sunglasses feature the eye catching Steel Gray frame and rare Oakley Violet Iridium lenses, and you'll love the distinctive zigzag ear stems of the first generation and the sleek, high performance design for which iconic Oakley E Wire sunglasses have always been known. Oakley Violet Iridium lenses as on these early Oakley E Wire sunglasses have a predominately blue tint with plenty of added hues of purple that differentiate them from Oakley Blue or Ice Irdirium lenses. Tell Me More

VS3306: Vintage Oakley A Wire sunglasses are harder to find and more elongated that vintage Oakley E Wire sunglasses, here combined with early Oakley Blue Iridium lenses for a great frame and lens color combination. The Oakley A Wire Platinum frame gives them a sleek, high performance look, and the early Blue Iridium lenses will have a richer and deeper shade of blue than subsequent blue Oakley Ice Iridium lenses. Tell Me More

VS3307: Vintage Oakley Sub Zero 0.6 Planet X sunglasses c 1992 feature the very rare Planet X mottled tortoise frame, a real collector item among both vintage Oakley collectors as well as the broader vintage sunglasses collector community. In the early ’90s, Oakley founder Jim Jannard gave his engineers a challenge to design the most lightweight sunglass ever created. An engineer joked, “How much should it weigh, Zero?” Jannard’s reply: "Less than that."Tell Me More

VS3310: Vintage Oakley Square Wire Ducati sunglasses feature an elongated, low profile design that looks great on a wide variety of face sizes and shapes, a high performance black carbon metal frame that's complemented with the hard to find and highly reflective Oakley Ruby Iridium lenses. Oakley Square Wires have remained enduringly popular over the years, a design that dates back to the 1990s but remains supremely modern even today. Tell Me More

VS3333: Vintage Oakley XX Twenty sunglasses feature a sleek gloss black frame paired with top of the line Oakley Ruby Iridium lenses. The vintage Oakley Twenty is an enduringly popular style, and it was produced in a variety of frame and lens combinations but it's hard to beat black ebony and the highly reflective Ruby Iridium lenses that will pick up many hues of red and orange out in the sunlight. Tell Me More

VS3334: Vintage Oakley A-Wire sunglasses feature a sleek, low profile matte black fmetal frame and highly reflective Oakley Ruby Iridium mirrored lenses that will pick up plenty of hues of red and orange out in the sunlight. These are great as sports sunglasses, but they're equally at home at even the most formal of occasions. Tell Me More

VS3355: Vintage Oakley XX Twenty sunglasses feature a cool mamtte silver frame with insdet blue O and logo along with blue ear pads, a perfect color complement for the eye catching blue Ice Iridium lenses. The subtle wrap design of the Oakley XX is designed to contour more closely to the face, giving you added protection from wind and glare from the sides and it's lightweight yet strong for sports and active outdoor pursuits. Tell Me More

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