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VS755: Vintage Oakley E-Wire 2nd generation sunglasses feature the top of the line brushed gold plated metal frame and highly reflective Oakley Gold Iridium lenses. This is one of the best looks you'll find in Oakley sunglasses, with the Oakley stylized logo impressed on the front of the nose bridge and the Oakley O impressed near the hinges of each ear stem. An extended rubber ear pad covers 2/3 of each ear stem including the angled portion. Tell Me More

VS797: Vintage Oakley Frogskins sunglasses feature the hard to find Oakley Polished Clear frame coupled with highly reflective Violet Iridium lenses for one of the most unique and eye catching color combinations you'll find in any pair of sunglasses. Oakley Frogskins are Oakley's most traditional and enduring design, reminiscent in size and shape to Ray-Ban Wayfarers but with that unmistakable Oakley pizazz. Tell Me More

VS806: Vintage Oakley E Wire Red Iridium sunglasses feature the sleek Oakley E Wire gunmetal frame and the highly reflective and eye catching red iridium lenses. We love the angular and interesting ear stems of the Oakley E Wire, but the star of the show here are the Oakley red iridium lenses that will also pick up hues of orange and gold out in the sunlight. Tell Me More

VS821: Vintage Oakley Romeo 1.0 Michael Jordan sunglasses feature a low first generation X Metal frame and serial number, Oakley Black Iridium lenses and trademark Jordan red ear pads. Oakley Romeo Michael Jordan edition sunglasses created quite a sensation at their introduction c 1997, and stores around the world featured advertising displays to market Michael Jordan Oakley Romeo and Oakley Mars sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS826: Vintage Oakley A Wire sunglasses from the first generation feature rare Gold Iridium lenses making for a great look in a high performance model of sunglasses. Oakley Gold Iridium lenses are designed to handle anything from medium to very bright light, boosting contrast and improving depth perception. They feature an Iridium coating to reduce glare and further fine tune contrast. Tell Me More

VS830: Vintage Oakley Penny sunglasses feature a very hard to find Oakley X Metal frame along with highly reflective Ruby Iridium lenses in one of the most enduringly popular Oakley styles. Oakley Penny sunglasses are quite popular with both men and women because of their slimmer profile, essentially a slightly lower profile version of the equally iconic Oakley Juliet sunglasses. Vintage Oakley X Metal Penny sunglasses from the version 1.0 first generation were a revolutionary application of a new metallurgical process and a breakthrough in structural physics. Tell Me More

VS1015: Vintage Oakley E-Wire Titanium sunglasses feature the top of the line Oakley Titanium frame and Chrome Iridium lenses, one of the sleekest looks you'll find in any style of vintage Oakley sunglasses. The Chrome Iridium lenses are highly reflective silver mirror lenses, high performance optics to go along with the space age Oakley Titanium frame. Tell Me More

VS1029: Vintage Oakley E-Wire 1.0 sunglasses are one of the top designs ever produced by Oakley, with subtle wrap style and rugged dark gray E Wire frame and the Oakley stylized brand name impressed on the front nose bridge. You'll also find Oakley impressed on top of both ear stems along with rubber ear pads for comfort, distinctive design features of vintage Oakley E-Wire sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS1337: Vintage Oakley A-Wire sunglasses are the first generation of this iconic classic and feature a black frame with subtle wrap contours and Oakley Black Iridium mirrored lenses. The high tech metal A-Wire frame is a sleek, high performance example of early vintage Oakley sunglasses, and the highly reflective Oakley mirrored lenses add exterior silver mirror filters to aid in glare reduction. These are great as sports sunglasses, but they're equally at home at even the most formal of occasions. Tell Me More

VS1486: Vintage Oakley Mars sunglasses are a sleek futuristic design, a matte gray X-Metal masterpiece with original Oakely Black Iridium lenses in an icon of modern sunglasses design. First introduced in 1997 and produced in the original form with serial numbers for only a few years, vintage Oakley Mars sunglasses were originally fashioned after the needs of basketball superstar Michael Jordan, then a Board Member of Oakley. Oakley Mars sunglasses are made of the revolutionary Oakley X Metal, an alloy composition of 5 distinct (and proprietary - thus the "X" moniker) metals. Tell Me More

VS1615: Vintage Oakley Vault dates to the golden era of Oakley sunglasses, and this is the smaller of the 2 sizes perfect for a wide variety of Oakley Wire, Juliet, Penny, and Romeo sunglasses. The all metal Oakley vault has great detail all around, and it measures approximately 6.0" wide, 2.125" deep, and 1.75" high. Tell Me More

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