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VS347: Vintage Vuarnet Skilynx 027 black glacier glasses are one of the rarest designs produced during the golden years of Vuarnet sunglasses c 1980s, and we think it's pretty easy to see why. Vuarnet Skilynx 027 ski sunglasses feature black leather side blinkers that rotate inward to permit folding of the sunglasses while rotating outward when wearing to protect your eyes from wind, snow, rain, and glare. Tell Me More

VS373: Vintage Vuarnet Skilynx black aviator sunglasses feature a unique Vuarnet interpretation of classic aviator sunglasses, with durable French nylon frame and the amazing Vuarnet Skilynx gradient mirror lenses. The double bar nose bridge is reminiscent of Ray-Ban aviators, but the shape is uniquely Vuarnet. Tell Me More

VS486: Vintage Vuarnet 065 sunglasses feature a matte silver frame, Vuarnet PX-3000 lenses, and black eye cups that give you added eye protection from wind, snow, rain, and glare but without the size of leather blinkers as you find on B&L Ray-Ban and Vuarnet glacier glasses. Vuarnet 065 sunglasses have that clean, modern look but with a design flair that immediately identifies them as high quality sports sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS603: Vintage Vuarnet 050 PX Pouilloux sunglasses feature a beautiful antique gold French frame with black highlights and oval Vuarnet lenses that are one of the finest glare reducing mineral glass lenses ever made. Etched details add design flair to the nose bridge, and the outside of one ear stem is marked PX and the outside of the other stem marked PX Vuarnet. Tell Me More

VS604: Vintage Vuarnet PX Skilynx sunglasses are the famous Vuarnet 002 style but in a very early light brown / chocolate color that has hues of burnt orange, a departure from the more traditional black, brown, blue, and red Vuarnet cat eye sunglasses. This frame color looks great with the double gradient mirror Vuarnet Skilynx lenses. Tell Me More

VS704: Vintage Vuarnet 006 Skilynx sunglasses evoke the style and shape of classic B&L Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses but with those great Vuarnet Skilynx mirrored lenses. Vuarnet Skilynx lenses are made from a special base, ground and polished on both sides to eliminate distortion. The double gradient mirror Vuarnet Skilynx lenses also incorporate a "blue blocker" coating on the back which offers superior protection from the sun. Tell Me More

VS727: Vintage Vuarnet 438 270 sunglasses feature a beautiful handmade French tortoise shell frame complemented by a gold metal bottom front frame that holds the Vuarnet PX-2000 high contrast brown mineral glass lenses. This is one of Vuarnet's most compelling vintage styles, reminiscent of Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses but with that French design flair. Tell Me More

VS731: Vintage Vuarnet 002 Skilynx sunglasses are arguably the most famous style ever produced by Vuarnet during their golden years c 1970s - 1980s, featuring a rich chocolate brown frame and the amazing Vuarnet Skilynx double gradient mirror lenses. This frame color looks great with the Skilynx mirrored lenses which are made from a special base, ground and polished on both sides to eliminate distortion. Vuarnet Skilynx sunglasses provide 100% protection against harmful ultraviolet radiation and enhance depth of field perception. Tell Me More

VS733: Vintage black Vuarnet PX Skilynx 374 sunglasses are reminiscent in style and shape to vintage B&L Ray-Ban CATS but with that distinctive Vuarnet French flair. The durable gloss black French aviator frame looks great with the Vuarnet Skilynx mirrored lenses, high quality mineral glass with advanced front and back coatings to provide unparalleled eye protection from even the most extreme glare. Tell Me More

VS735: Vintage Vuarnet 006 Skilynx sunglasses feature a light brown frame with color shadings and Vuarnet Skilynx double gradient mirror lenses in a style reminiscent of vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarers. It's a great look, and the Skilynx lenses have the trademark blue film coating on the rear that blocks 100% of blue light transmission and the highly reflective mirrored coating on the front. You'll find the exterior of one ear stem embossed PX Vuarnet and the other stem embossed PX, the vintage Vuarnet Pouilloux trademark. Tell Me More

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