Vuarnet 002 Skilynx Brown Sunglasses
1 Vintage Vuarnet 002 Skilynx sunglasses are arguably the most famous style ever produced by Vuarnet during their golden years c 1970s - 1980s, featuring a rich chocolate brown frame and the amazing Vuarnet Skilynx double gradient mirror lenses. This frame color looks great with the Skilynx mirrored lenses which are made from a special base, ground and polished on both sides to eliminate distortion. Vuarnet Skilynx sunglasses provide 100% protection against harmful ultraviolet radiation and enhance depth of field perception. They are tempered to provide excellent scratch and impact resistance and vacuum treated with multi-layered coatings. The lenses have silver double gradient filters on the fronts to absorb glare and an anti-reflective blue coating on the rear to eliminate irritating bounce back light. The unisex Vuarnet 002 frame measures approximately 5.25" temple to temple, and the lenses measure approximately 2.125" x 1.75" at the widest points with both lenses laser etched with the trademark Vuarnet "V on a Ski." You'll find the Vuarnet PX Pouilloux trademark on the outside of one ear stem, and the outside of the other stem is marked PX Vuarnet. The inside of one ear stem is impressed France along with the Vuarnet crown mark while the inside of the other stem is impressed Pouilloux and on some production one stem is marked 002 or 4002, part of the collection of a European sports figure and customer of the Vintage Sunglasses Shop.

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2 Vuarnet produced a small number of commemorative sunglasses in the year leading up to their sponsorship of the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Otherwise identical in size, shape, and appearance, these Vuarnet Skilynx 002 sunglasses add the repeating star symbol of the Los Angeles games to the PX mark on one ear stem while the exterior of the other stem is marked PX Vuarnet.

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3 For slightly smaller face sizes, vintage Vuarnet Skilynx 002D sunglasses are the answer as you can see here in photos 1 and 2. Identical in appearance to those pictured, they are slightly smaller and feature a frame measuring approximately 5.125" temple to temple with Skilynx lenses measuring approximately 2.0" x 1.75" at the widest points. The inside of one ear stem is impressed Pouilloux while the inside of the other stem is marked 002 D and impressed France. Both Vuarnet Skilynx double gradient mirror lenses are laser etched with the trademark Vuarnet V on a Ski, new old stock and very hard to find in this smaller size.

Item VS731-3 / Price: SOLD

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