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VS3200: Vintage Vuarnet 006 Skilynx sunglasses feature teh very rare Emerald green frame along with the famous Vuarnet PX-4000 SKilynx double gradient mirror lenses in the iconic Vuarnet 006 style reminiscent to vintage B&L Ray-Ban Wayfarers. The Emerald green frame was produced in only very small quantities and distributed only through a few of their highest end retailers in the US and Europe in the mid 1990s. Tell Me More

VS3217: Vintage Vuarnet 002 Skilynx sunglasses are an icon of 20th century sunglasses design, produced in a wide variety of frame and lens combinations and here with PX-4000 Skilynx lenses. More on those later. But these Vuarnet 002 Skilynx sunglasses have 2 rarities associated with them - the hunter green color produced in only very small quantities and the fact that these were produced c 1983-1984 to commemorate Vuarnet's sponsorship of the 1984 Olympics. Tell Me More

VS3222: Vintage Revo sunglasses and vintage Vuarnet sunglasses accessories including croakies, lanyards, hats, lapel pins, cases, keychains, gift boxes, and more. Tell Me More

VS3224: Vintage Vuarnet 002 sunglasses are an icon of modern sunglasses design c 1980s, with a size and shape that's made them enduringly popular with both men and women for over 30 years. In this gloss black variation of the 002, we think you'll agree Vuarnet hit on one of the very best frame and lens color combinations they ever produced. The Vuarnet Nautilux lens is a yellow base lens with brown and anti-reflective interior coatings and eye catching double gradient blue exterior filters. Tell Me More

VS3253: Vintage Vuarnet 084 Nautilux sunglasses feature the distinctive removable Vuarnet insert at the front center in a sleek black nylon frame that's got plenty of unique curves and angles for extra design flair. You can push out the center insert from behind, giving you essentially two very distinct looks in a single pair of sunglasses. But the real stars of the show are the vintage Vuarnet Nautilux lenses! Vuarnet Nautilux PX-8000 lenses feature anti-reflective interior coatings and beautiful double gradient blue exterior filters. Tell Me More

VS3254: Vintage Vuarnet 085 sunglasses feature a hard to find royal blue frame and PX-4000 Skilynx double gradient mirror lenses, one of the most recognizable sunglasses ever made and perfect for skiing, hiking, boating, or just looking cool with the incised Vuarnet V directly at the nose bridge. The Vuarnet Skilynx lens was an amazing innovation in optical technology, combining a blue blocker inner coating with the gradient mirror external coating to provide advanced glare reduction even in the most extreme conditions. Tell Me More

VS3262: Vintage Vuarnet 374 Nautilux sunglasses feature a hard to find white nylon aviator style frame, rugged and durable, but the real stars of the show are the Vuarnet Nautilux lenses that give you highly reflective rich, deep blues at the top and bottom of the exterior lens for a stylish yet supremely functional look. The amazing Vuarnet Nautilux lens is an optically superior mineral glass lens with anti-reflective interior coatings and eye catching double gradient blue exterior filters. Tell Me More


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