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VS1914: Vintage Versace S21 26M sunglasses feature an intricately etched silver plated frame with integrated Gianni Versace GV logo in cut out relief on the exterior of both ear stems. The design and execution of vintage Versace S21 sunglasses exude the kind of quality you really only see in vintage Italian sunglasses from the 1980s and 1990s. Tell Me More

VS1915: Vintage Versace 486 852 sunglasses combine a gloss black front frame with elaborate geometric pattern ear stems that combine for a look you'll really only find in vintage Italian sunglasses. The gold and black look great together, and anyone looking at the stems of these Versace 486 sunglasses will immediately recognize the high quality design and construction. Tell Me More

VS1916: Vintage Versace S99 81M sunglasses are a low production slate blue version of iconic Versace S99 sunglasses, a color that seems perfectly suited to the curves and angles of the S99. Unique frame colors are making their way into the offerings of more designers these days, but the slate blue of these vintage Versace sunglasses stood the test of time and look as unique today as when they were first introduced c 1980s. Tell Me More

VS1917: Vintage Versace X25 028 sunglasses feature a sleek, elegant gloss black frame with unique open metal mesh window at the corners of both temples and starting the transition to the raised GV logo on both ear stems. The open weave of the temples, wrapping around to the ear stems, is a unique feature you'll only find on vintage Versace sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS1918: Vintage Versace S30 22M sunglasses feature a sleek, elegant matte silver frame in a classic, understated style perfect for both formal and casual occasions. Versace S30 sunglasses exude high quality manufacturing like all vintage designer Italian sunglasses, and the size and shape of the S30 has always made this one of the most popular Versace styles. Tell Me More

VS1919: Vintage Versace X33 030 sunglasses feature a unique combination of matte and polished gold on the ear stems, a technique that's not easy to do in production environments and thus a style we doubt you'll see in any other brand of designer sunglasses. Versace X33 sunglasses are an understated yet elegant look, suitable for the most formal to the most casual of occasions. Tell Me More

VS1920: Vintage Versace X21 89M sunglasses are a design explosion of intricate detailing and unparalleled Italian quality, with gleaming chrome front frame and temples giving way to the raised Medusa head logo and eye catching chrome mesh ear stems. The chrome mesh stems are very difficult to manufacture and thus were only produced in very small quantities, and they make the Versace X21 as interesting to look at from the sides as they are from the front. Tell Me More

VS1921: Vintage Versace X10 030 sunglasses combine two of our favorite materials - high quality gold plating that really gleams in the sunlight and rich Italian tortoise shell. It's an elegant look suitable for both formal and casual occasions, and the X10 exudes quality in a way that's sure to attract compliments and questions most every time you wear them. Tell Me More

VS1922: Vintage Versace 418 900 sunglasses exude high quality Italian style in every way, with distinctive thick rounded front frame and the elaborate double Medusa heads on both ear stems inset in a gold circle encrusted with faux diamonds. This is a style of vintage Versace sunglasses you may have seen gracing the face of Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice as well as other celebrities - and it's easy to see why. Tell Me More

VS1923: Vintage Versace S50 053 sunglasses feature an elaborately etched silver frame with unique cut out Versace Medusa head logo inset into the design of both ear stems. Versace S50 sunglasses are one of the most desired of all vintage Versace sunglasses, and you'll find ten times as many S50's in gold for every single pair you find in the harder to find silver. Tell Me More

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