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VS3192: Vintage Versace S32 89M sunglasses are a fine and rare example of Versace sunglasses c mid 1990s exuding top of the line Italian quality with dark chrome link chain ear stems, matching link nose bridge, and the Versace trademark Medusa head that decorates both ear stems. Versace production records indicate that these model S32 Medusa sunglasses were produced just before the assassination of Gianni Versace in 1997 as he was walking back to his Miami Beach mansion. Tell Me More

VS3211: Vintage Versace S74 31L sunglasses have all the bells and whistles both showy and subtle that fashion aficionados look for in vintage Versace sunglasses. The rich deep colors of the tortoise shell ear stems look great with the gleaming gold plating, and don't miss the thin band of "Tortuga" tortoise shell that surrounds the front lenses. The fine craftsmanship and attention to detail is quite evident, typical of fine Italian designer sunglasses of this period and especiall vintage Versaces. Tell Me More

VS3212: Vintage Versace S31 028 sunglasses feature a sleek matte black frame that's more subtle than many vintage Versace designs but exudes the quality and elegance for which the brand has always been known. The carefully crafted and textured ear stems give a sleek, racing inspired look, and the rounded rectangle front frame is perfect for a wide variety of face sizes and everything from formal to casual occasions. Tell Me More

VS3287: Vintage Versace S51 948 sunglasses feature an intricately etched silver frame with that unmistakable Italian precision and quality, integrated with the Versace Medusa head logo finely crafted in the metal. Note the raised surfaces in the metal ear stems along with the iconic Vresace Medusa head, a design detail that makes the S51 as eye catching from the sides as from the front. Tell Me More

VS3321: Vintage Versace S70 030 sunglasses are icons of modern sunglasses design and one of the most popular styles ever produced by Versace, featuring beautiful rich deep tortoise shell ear stems and with the famous Versace Medusa Head logo sculpted in gold set against a Tortuga backdrop on the exterior of both ear stems. Versace S70 sunglasses have been seen on the faces of celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Gwynneth Paltrow. Tell Me More

VS3322: Vintage Versace S22 60M sunglasses feature a dark gunmetal silver Italian frame and the Gianni Versace stylized GV trademark integrated into the design, an icon of top of the line Italian sunglasses. Authentic Versace sunglasses denote luxury, glamour, elegant style, and design and have been produced since 1978, but we think you'll agree that these vintage Versace S22 sunglasses are much cooler and higher quality than today's modern plastic styles. Tell Me More

VS3323: Vintage Versace Versus L28 89M sunglasses are quite stunning as the consensue here at the Vintage Sunglasses Shop, with an eye catching rimless pink lens design in a subtle wrap design that contours closely to the face for added eye protection from the sides - not to mention it looks super cool! Don't miss the detail of the chrome nose bridge with rivets, a great color contrast with the pink lenses. Tell Me More

VS3324: Vintage Versace S96 22M sunglasses feature a finely crafted brushed silver metal frame decorated with the iconic Versace Medusa head logo on each ear stem, a slightly larger style than most vintage Versaces of this period and thus well suited to larger face sizes and all those who prefer the oversized look. The shape of the S96 is also quite unique, great design flare coupled with the understatted brushed silver frame and Versace lenses. Tell Me More

VS3476: Vintage Versace S43 26M sunglasses feature the distinctive Versace Greek Key design on the ear stems of this gleaming silver plated frame with black ebony ear pads. The intricately crafted silver keys make a perfect complement for the oval Versace lenses in a tint color that those in the know will instantly recognize as unique to Versace. Tell Me More

VS3477: Vintage Versace S73 09M sunglasses feature rounded rectangular lenses surrounded by a thin band of black ebony along with gleaming black and gold plated ear stems decorated with the famous Versace Medusa Head logo in gold against a black background. This combination of black and gold and its combined use throughout the frame makes this S73 variation one of the most elegant and which was seen on the faces of several celebrity clients in the 1990s. Tell Me More

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