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VS3478: Vintage Versace S64 49L sunglasses were produced in only small quantities but were and still remain today one of the most highly sought after vintage styles. It's easy to see why, with the elaborate gold plated scrollwork at each temple with the inset Versace Medusa logo integrated into the design and set against the gleaming black ebony ear stems. The Versace S64 has moderately oversized lenses and thicker than normal and tapering ear stems that all combine for a unique and distinctive look. Tell Me More

VS3479: Vintage Versace S73 15L sunglasses feature an eye catching gold and silver plated frame that simply exudes the high quality for which Versace sunglasses from this period were known along with gleaming black ebony ear stems decorated with the famous Versace Medusa Head logo in gold set against a silver background. Versace S73 sunglasses were among the most popular of all Versace sunglasses produced prior to the death of company founder Gianni Versace. Tell Me More

VS3511: Vintage Versace S68 55M sunglasses are one of the most purely beautiful designs ever produced during the golden years of Versace when Gianni Versace was still alive and active, combining gold plating and Tortuga along with intricate etching and of course Versace's iconic Medusa head trademark logo. Don't miss the very precise and intricate etching on the gold plated ear stems! Tell Me More

VS3537: Vintage Versace S32 030 sunglasses are a fine and rare example of Versace sunglasses c mid 1990s exuding top of the line Italian quality with gold plated link chain ear stems, matching link nose bridge, and the Versace trademark gold Medusa head that decorates both ear stems. Versace production records indicate that these model S32 Medusa sunglasses were produced just before the assassination of Gianni Versace in 1997 as he was walking back to his Miami Beach mansion from Ocean Drive. Tell Me More

VS3538: Vintage Versace S72 07M sunglasses are arguably one of the most classic, elegant designs ever produced during the golden years of Gianni Versace before his death, with thick tortoise shell ear stems culminating in the gold plated Versace Medusa head logos set against a Tortuga enamel background. The oval front frame and lenses also incorporate Tortuga accents that tie the entire design together, and the color combination of gold and tortoise shell is hard to beat. Tell Me More

VS3593: Vintage Versace S51 030 sunglasses feature an intricately etched gold plated frame with that unmistakable Italian precision and quality, integrated with the Versace Medusa head logo finely crafted in the metal. Note the raised surfaces in the metal ear stems along with the iconic Versace Medusa head, a design detail that makes the S51 as eye catching from the sides as from the front. Tell Me More

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