Vintage Serengeti Sunglasses

The eyewear brand Serengeti was initially developed by Corning Glass Works, the famous glassmaker based in Corning, NY. Vintage Serengeti sunglasses feature the patented Spectral Control System, an advanced Corning "smart lens" photochromatic technology enabling the lenses to dynamically adjust to varying light variations along with high-definition contrast, color enhancement, polarization, and glare reduction.


The most famous of all Serengeti lenses are the Serengeti Vermilion 7000SS lenses made by Corning Optics of Corning glass fame during their ownership of the Serengeti brand. Serengeti Vermilion 7000SS lenses were known as the first all weather, high performance sunglasses for skiing, sailing, and extreme exposure conditions. The 7000SS lens is chemically strenghthened, scratch resistent, ground and polished glass lenses that cut infrared and over 99% of ultraviolet rays. They use the Spectral Control filters to sharpen images for extraordinary visibility and eye comfort in all daylight and weather conditions. They provide extra high contrast in low, flat light, haze, rain, or snow. In bright conditions, the photochromatic lenses darken for superb glare protection, vision, and comfort while significantly reducing eye fatigue.


The Serengeti Drivers series sunglasses featured Corning glass lenses to enhance vision regardless of weather conditions and designed for the often rapidly changing light conditions of the road. A 555NM lens on vintage Serengeti sunglasses is specially engineered to maximize transmission of green and yellow in low light conditions. Vintage Serengeti Strata lenses utilize spectral control filters and photochromatic properties along with the most optically correct polarizing film. Serengeti Sedona lenses are high contrast rose colored lenses that enable superior image definition, while Serengeti Polarmax lenses are ultra-lightweight, polycarbonate lenses with advanced polarization. All vintage Serengeti sunglasses that have original Corning glass lenses provide unsurpassed visual acuity through optical technology that is molecularly engineered into the glass itself and thus does not wear out or wear off. The Serengeti brand was later acquired and is now owned by Bushnell Corporation.


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