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Cazal is a relatively small global brand but well known for unique and innovative design that has attracted celebrities and high profile upscale men and women from around the world to their sunglasses. Chief Cazal designer Cari Zalloni was well known in the eyewear community as a top designer, and when he formed Cazal he used a derivation of his first and last names ((CArl ZALloni) to come up with the unique brand name of today. Carl Zalloni was a fair distance away from Run-D.M.C.’s stopping grounds in Queens, NY when the iconic 607s were one of the first pairs released by Cazal, and it didn’t take long for sunglass aficionados to take notice. And it certainly helped that Darryl McDaniels (from Run-D.M.C.) liked to rock his own pair of 607s. When McDaniels was first seen in his 607s, the popularity of Cazal exploded in the United States despite a price tag upwards of $500.


Zalloni forever linked Cazal sunglasses with the hip hop music community by designing the amazing Cazal 951 and Cazal 955 sunglasses in 1988. Cazal sunglasses could be characterized as design with an attitude, an aggressive styling that encompasses unique detailing and unparalleled craftsmanship. Cazal's Zalloni was quoted as saying that "a designer eyewear line that pleases everyone is unlikely to inspire. Good design must be thought-provoking." Cari Zalloni designs Cazal sunglasses in his Austrian villa, but he is a frequent world traveler who uses his travels as inspiration for his eclectic sunglass design and aesthetics. Zalloni observes that he has "developed a continental identity with...regional peculiarities."


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Cazal sunglasses are popular with those who seek originality and aren't afraid to make a fashion statement that is quite distinctive and will inevitably get noticed. Cazal sunglasses often couple exotic colors, patterns, and shapes with 24k gold plating and high performance optical lenses. In fact, Cazal frames use 3 layers of 24k gold plating - adhering gold, dense gold, and coloring gold - is applied to Monel, an extremely strong metal alloy consisting mainly of nickel and silver. The layering process also includes the application of the costly and non-allergenic Palladium. Cazal uses china lacquers for color, a more expensive and challenging technique than enameling. Colors can be applied to the frame hand painted with brush and sponge, injected with a needle, sprayed with an airbrush, and multi-colored foil decoration wherein the color pigments of a foil are transferred to a frame previously treated with lacquer. All Cazal sunglass finishes are "electro-coated", a varnishing procedure that produces a consistent and long lasting finish, and each frame is then polished for final delivery.


If you want to complete your futuristic and ultra-cool wardrobe, you have to have a pair of vintage Cazals. From its outset, Cazal has been on the cusp of innovation and prominent stars continue to flock to the brand, still worn today by Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Kanye West.


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