Polarized vs Non-Polarized and Mirrored Sunglasses

Polarized lenses help reduce glare, which can be a real problem in water sports and many other outdoor activities. Polarized sunglasses have been popular for years with boaters and fishermen who need to reduce reflected glare from the water surrounding them. Ambient light, or the light we use to see, is comprised of light waves that vibrate in an infinite number of directions, but these light waves will reflect off of flat or shiny surfaces. These reflective surfaces concentrate the light in the same direction versus being scattered in a random fashion. These unidirectional waves can be intense and are known as "polarized" light waves. Polarized light waves are many times brighter than non-polarized light and are otherwise known as "glare". Polarized lenses in sunglasses contain a special material designed to absorb these polarized waves before they reach your eyes. As such, polarized lenses help reduce glare, which can be a real problem in water sports and certain other outdoor activities.



Some companies like Ray-Ban make photochromatic lenses, which change from dark outside to light inside and may be right for the light-sensitive person who frequently is in and out of the sun on any given day. Ray-Ban Changeables sunglasses employ some pretty amazing lens technology that darkens to compensate for varying light conditions. Super Changeables darken more for stronger light, more sensitive eyes, and UV rays that could harm your eyes are filtered out. Changeables darken to 75% of their full capacity within the first minute of exposure to the sun. Out of sunlight, they lighten half way in 10 minutes and about 75% within 90 minutes. This action is a lifetime feature of the lens and will not disappear or weaken with time.


An alternative approach to attain the same anti-glare benefits as polarization but with perhaps a lot more attention grabbing style is to get non polarized lenses with a mirror coating. Revo sunglasses are most notably associated with this approach, using optical glass lens combined with advanced mirrored coatings that could be in various colors of the rainbow. Aside from looking cool, there are a number of benefits to this approach to reducing glare. For example, polarized lenses make it hard to see contrasts such as bumps and ice patches when skiing or snowboarding. A mirror coating will help with the "bounce back" glare from the snow but will allow you to see the ice patches. Pilots don't usually wear polarized sunglasses either because polarized lenses make it difficult to see liquid crystal displays (LCDs) found in the cockpits of planes (and cars, ATMS and elsewhere). It is important to note that polarization has nothing to do with blacking UVA or UVB rays; it simply prevents glare. As such, UV protection is an entirely separate feature and an important distinction between expensive and inexpensive sunglasses. Revo actually uses both mirrored and traditional approaches to lens technology; Revo polarized lens are characterized by H20 inscribed on the lens, sometimes in combination with Revo P inscribed on the other lens. Revo uses polarization in addition to mirrored surfaces in some of their styles, or offers the choice.


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