Ray-Ban L1601 Arctic CATS 8000 G-31 Mirrored Glacier Glasses

1 Rare Ray-Ban L1601 Arctic CATS 8000 glacier sunglasses feature Bausch & Lomb G-31 mirrored lenses and include the leather nose bridge cover and the two side blinkers that swing on a hinge in and out to protect the eyes from snow, wind, rain, and sun from the sides yet fold inward for easy storage. For added security, there is a connected strap to go around your neck that runs through the leather blinkers as well as curved shooter outdoorsman ear stems that wrap around the ears for fast moving, active conditions. The leather nose bridge cover snaps around the frame and keeps the frame from sticking to the skin in extreme cold conditions. However, the leather blinkers and nose bridge cover can also be removed, so when these are off you have a regular pair of B&L CATS sunglasses to wear in warm weather conditions. The highly reflective B&L G-31 full mirrored lenses are superb, protecting the eyes with complete UV protection even in the most extreme conditions. The aviator style lenses measure approximately 2.25" x 1.875" at the widest points, The unisex Ray-Ban L1601 CATS glacier glasses frame measures approximately 5.5" temple to temple and the lenses measure approximately 2.25" x 1.875" at the widest points with both laser etched BL near the hinges and left lens laser etched Ray-Ban. You'll find the Ray-Ban logo on the exterior of one ear stem and either the Cats or Ray-Ban logo on the other, and the inside of one stem is marked Bausch & Lomb and Frame France while the inside of the other stem is marked Frame France. Vintage Ray-Ban CATS glacier glasses will bring out the arctic cat in you, high performance and stylish ski and cold weather sunglasses and B&L's all time top of the line ski eyewear.

Item VS022-1 / Price: SOLD

1A Step up another level beyond our already unequaled vintage condition standards with new old stock Ray-Ban L1601 Arctic CATS 8000 G-31 mirrored glacier sunglasses in mint, unworn condition. Rare.

Item VS022-1A / Price: $685.00

2 If you prefer your glacier glasses with leather side blinkers but without the center nose bridge leather, you'll want these vintage Ray-Ban L1601 Arctic CATS 8000 G-31 mirrored glacier sunglasses with leather side blinkers which are otherwise identical in size, shape, appearance and marks as you can see in # 2 below.

Item VS022-2 / Price: SOLD

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Note: Our vintage glacier glasses are all 25+ years old and even new old stock tends to develop minor tarnish on the metal rivets of the leather side blinkers. While it can be cleaned off with simichrome or an analogous product should you so desire, we don't do it because a lot of our clients and collectors like these signs of age.

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