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VS223: Vintage Carrera Porsche Design 5621 71 sunglasses feature a titanium silver frame and interchangeable brown gradient and gray lenses, one of the best frame and lens color combinations you'll find in vintage Carreras. The center hinge lifts up to allow the lenses to be changed by slotting into small prongs on the frame, and the spare lenses reside in a felt pouch. Tell Me More

VS226: Vintage Carrera Porsche Design 5621 96 sunglasses feautre the popular black matte Carrera Austrian frame and 2 completely different sets of Porsche Design interchangeable lenses. The center hinge on the black composite frame raises and lowers to allow the 2 sets of interchangeable lenses to be easily swapped, and the spare lenses are stored in the felt pouch inside the hard black Carrera Porsche Design case which is included. Tell Me More

VS241: Vintage Carrera Porsche Design 5623 90 sunglasses feature the classic Carrera matte black aviator style frame complete with original hard sided Carrera case shaped to fit the sunglasses perfectly and with felt compartment to hold the two additional lens. This is the classic combination of smoke gray and brown gradient Porsche Design lenses, a 2 lens set of each. The lenses are easily swapped out by lifting the center hinge of the frame, removing the lens from behind small clips, inserting the other lenses in their place, and clamping back down the center hinge. Tell Me More

VS246: Carrera Porsche Design 5621 90 sunglasses combine rare Porsche Design purple and dark gray lenses in the Austrian matte black frame in this classic of 1980s sunglass innovation. You won't see many vintage Carrera Porsche Design purple lenses for either 5621 or 5623 sunglasses, and be forewarned that there are many fake Porsche Design sunglasses and lenses on the market so it's important to know the difference. Tell Me More

VS250: These Carrera Porsche Design 5621 71 sunglasses have a titanium silver frame, but check out the two sets of interchangeable Porsche Design lenses in the rarest of colors - blue gradient and rose! We already knew light blue gradient Porsche Design lenses were incredible, but frankly we had forgotten how cool the rose - wine color lenses were. Tell Me More

VS259: Top of the line vintage Carrera Porsche Design 5621 40 sunglasses feature the all gold Carrera Austrian frame and interchangeable brown gradient and dark gray Carrera Porsche Design lenses in the original black hard sided Carrera case. Tell Me More

VS265: Rare vintage Carrera Porsche Design 5623 77 sunglasses are the hardest of the interchangeable lens frames to find combining silver titanium and gold in a striking and eye catching design. That's good, but when you find them with the hardest to find blue gradient Porsche Design lenses as well as the PD anthracite lenses you know you've gotten very lucky. Tell Me More

VS268: Vintage Carrera Porsche Design 5621 91 sunglasses look great as a frame alone with its black enamel and gold plate and even better with the 2 sets of interchangeable Porsche Design lenses that give you 2 totally different looks in one pair of sunglasses. One set of lenses is gradient that's perfect for wearing indoors and outdoors without taking your sunglasses on and off all the time, and other a solid gray-green tint for the brightest, sunniest conditions. Tell Me More

VS286: Super cool Carrera 5476 49 sunglasses with C-Vision 400 lenses have a look reminiscent of Cazal 958 sunglasses, but the Carreras are less architectural but have more pizzazz in the angular gold and black pattern enamel that graces each temple of these Austrian sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS291: Carrera Porsche Design 5633 40 is another innovative Carrera interchangeable lens design, and while lesser known than Carrera PD 5621 and 5623 sunglasses we happen to think Carrera 5633's equal if not surpasses them. The 5633's were part of Carrera's evolutionary process, developing the unique one piece double lens design you'll see here but still retaining the ability to have interchangeable lenses. Tell Me More

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