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VS2515: Vintage Alpina Ice glacier glasses feature the rare and we think you'll agree eye catching color combination of yellow high performance frame with yellow leather side flaps along with contrasting red nose guard leather and highly reflective Alpina mirrored lenses. Tell Me More

VS2516: Vintage Alpina 3489 Arctis glacier glasses feature a beautiful gold plated frame with brown leather side flaps and snap on nose guard, but what you'll really love about these 3489 Arctis glacier glasses are the highly reflective double gradient mirror lenses that can reflect snow and ice glare about as well as any optical quality skiwear lens ever produced. Tell Me More

VS2517: Vintage Alpina 0288 Ice II glacier glasses feature a sleek and elegant matte black frame with black leather side flaps, but the most eye catching thing about this particular Alpina Ice II style are the highly reflective blue mirror lenses designed to reflect glare from ice and snow - not to mention they look super cool! Alpina glacier glasses have long been seen as the pinnacle of high performance ski eyewear, following upon their success in Formula One racing and other top motorsports. Tell Me More

VS2518: Vintage Alpina 3716 Ice Extreme glacier glasses are from the highest performance line of Alpina glacier glasses and feature a rare camouflage gray metal frame, reserved for the most extreme conditions with total UVA/UVB protection lenses and black leather side flaps and snap on "extreme design" nose protector. Don't miss the precisely crafted round vents in the leather blinkers, designed to let in some air so you stay comfortable and the lenses don't fog up. Tell Me More

VS2519: Vintage Alpina 5585 sunglasses are a uniquely shaped, low profile aviator design with elongated oval lenses and a gleaming gold plated frame that features intricate etching and the Alpina eagle logo on each ear stem. You'll love the beautiful brushed gold finish and the precise, detailed etching at the hinges, one of the most elegant styles ever produced by Alpina. Tell Me More

VS2650: Vintage Alpina M1 sunglasses feature a very rare frame and lens combination among vintage Alpina M1s, a beautiful mix of silver front frame with gold M1 accent and rivets along with gold plated ear stems and green Alpina lenses. That combination of silver and gold is really eye catching and adds extra design flair to the already unique shape of vintage Alpina M1 racing sunglasses. Alpina M1 sunglasses are an icon of modern sunglasses design since their introduction in the early 1980s. Tell Me More

VS2783: Vintage Alpina 0389 Ice II mirrored glacier glasses feature not only the world renowned Alpina mirrored lenses but the mottled, multicolor frame that adds lots of additional design flair. The leather side blinkers give your eyes proteciton from the wides, and the double gradient mirror lenses both reflect glare and employ advanced UVA protection designed to withstand extremes and alpine conditions. Tell Me More

VS2784: Vintage Alpina FM 16 sunglasses are the style of choice for those who like the look of the Alpina M1 but who find it just a bit too large. The Alpina FM 16 combined a white base frame with gold ear stems and front accent along with the distinctive rivets that you also find on the M1. To top it off, the rare rose gradient lenses complete the look and provide a nice color complement for the frame color. Tell Me More

VS2791: Vintage Alpina 0837 Ice glacier glasses feature a sleek black nylon frame that won't stick to your skin even in the most extreme conditions, black leather folding side flaps and removable nose guard, and hard to find Alpina Spectravision mirrored lenses. Alpina ski sunglasses, goggles, and glacier glasses are known the world over for their high style and high performance, and the original Ice glacier glasses with Spectravision lenses are still the most highly sought after of this style. Tell Me More

VS2850: Vintage Alpina FM 21 sunglasses feature an eye catching and rare rose enamel frame along with the trademark gold plated accents that give the Alpina FM 21 sunglasses their distinctive look. Alpina FM 21 sunglasses are the perfect alternative for those with smaller face sizes and women who like the look of the iconic Alpina M1 but but want a slightly smaller variation. It's a slightly softer, more rounded look with a narrower nose bridge. Tell Me More

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