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Giorgio Armani was born in Piacenza, Italy in 1934 and is arguably the most influential designer Italy has ever produced. A renaissance man, it's interesting to note that prior to entering the fashion industry Giorgio Armani had studied medicine at Milan University as well as photography. He did his Italian military service, and afterward he launched his career as a window dresser at the well known La Rinascente department store in Milan. In his youth, Armani was influenced by English design and style, and he had the opportunity to make frequent trips to England. He observed "England was virtually the most important centre for inspiration. When I was working for Il Rinascente we used to travel to London for the influences, to see the shops, to learn. I remember seeing some yellow cardigans in a small boutique and bringing them to Il Rinascente and everyone thought I was insane. Yellow cardigans were what the Duke of Windsor was about, they were not something for the average man. The entire idea of such clothing was so outr?, so elitist... very, very English." In 1964, he became a designer at Nino Cerruti's clothing company HItman, and he subsequently also worked for Ermenegildo Zegna and Emanuel Ungaro. In 1974, the now very experienced Giorgio Armani launched his first menswear line, introducing a women's line in the following year.


As for Armani sunglasses, seek, tailored designs give a modern edge to many of the styles and reflect the overall signature feel of Armani design. Some of the innovative styles offered over the years in the Armani sunglasses line include rounded and wrap style lenses with curved frames - sometimes quite dramatically curved ear stems - silver frames paired with lens of muted hues and tints, sleek, gold framed aviator styles (Ray-Ban with the Armani touch), and many light and dark tortoise shell variations in deeper tones. The frames of Armani sunglasses are really striking and unique in their design and choice of materials to craft the frames. Armani sunglasses are made with wire, steel, nylon, stainless steel and other materials still crafted in Italy by Italian craftsmen to ensure quality of production. Authentic Giorgio Armani sunglasses will typically have a small GA inscribed in the lens near the hinge points along with other marks on the frame. Armani sunglasses will always evidence the use of high quality materials and attention to detail.


As you might imagine and like many higher end designer items, Giorgio Armani sunglasses are reproduced in Asia and sold by dealers and individuals - knowingly or unknowingly - as authentic. At Vintage Designer Sunglasses, we take great care to vet every pair of vintage sunglasses we sell for period authenticity. There are various ways to identify fake Armani sunglasses if one knows what to look for. For example, our experts have seen and have a database of Armani styles and marks, and Armani used some very distinctive features in its frames and lenses. If you buy vintage sunglasses on auction sites, your chances of buying a fake are not insignificant. While the new Armani styles are fine if you like them, we personally dislike the trend toward designer names and logos becoming such a significant design element that the wearer becomes a walking billboard. At Vintage Designer Sunglasses, we focus our attention on earlier Armani styles and models produced c 2003 and earlier. It is interesting that select vintage Armani sunglasses styles can sell for higher prices than brand new Giorgio Armani sunglasses right out of the box.


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