Vuarnet Sunglasses Lenses and Lens Performance

Vintage Vuarnet sunglasses lenses are made from the finest glass, ground and polished on both surfaces to eliminate distortion. The glass was thermally treated for impact and scratch resistance via a proprietary technique exclusive to Vuarnet. The following is a summary of specific Vuarnet sunglasses lens types and their performance:


PX-2000: Brown base, anti-reflective interior coating provide excellent color perception, with subtle enhancement of color and contrast. Ideal for everyday use and driving. Average light transmission 18%.


PX-3000: General purpose, gray-based true color lens. Anti-reflective coating to reduce glare. Perfect balance between comfort and protection. Average light transmission 20%.

Skilynx PX-4000: Amber-yellow base, anti-reflective interior coatings, double gradient silver exterior filters. The legendary Vuarnet lens eliminates glare and reflection, enhances contrast and depth of field. The essential lens for in the mountains and at sea. The Skilynx lens blocks nearly all of the violet and blue light, thus reducing glare and eye strain, while allowing more of the yellow-orange-red end of the spectrum to pass through to the eye, enhancing contrast, depth perception and sharpness of vision, making distant objects visually clearer. Average light transmission 12%.

PX-5000: Special purpose brown-based lens designed for use at high elevations and for light sensitive eyes, mountain climbers, pilots, etc. Contrast enhancing, eliminates glare. Average light transmission 4%.

Unilynx PX-6000: Amber-brown base, anti-reflective interior coating, hybrid lens with similar characteristics of the Skilynx but without the exterior silver filters. The serious lens for all-around outdoor use. The Unilynx lens allows for a more evenly balanced color transmission, while improving on the contrast-enhancing, glare diminishing properties of the Skilynx lens. Average light transmission 8%.


Nautilux PX-8000: Yellow base, brown and anti-reflective interior coatings, double gradient blue exterior filters. A very technical, all weather lens conceived to protect against the strong reflection of the sea and against the tiring glaze of hazy conditions. Especially effective for water sports.

Polarized PX-7200: Brown base lenses with an anti-reflective interior coating providing contrast enhancement. A technical lens which eliminates all reflection and glare giving superior clarity around water. Recommended for fishing and conditions of intense reflection.

Polarized PX-7300: Very similar characteristics to the PX-7200 but a gray base lens which provides superior transmission of color.


Lynx PX-9000: Yellow base lens perfect or night driving, cloudy and overcast days, and thick fog. Significantly enhances relief and depth of field.


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