Ray-Ban 10k GO & 12k GF Kalichrome Shooter Sunglasses

1 Rare vintage B&L Ray-Ban 12k gold filled 58mm Kalichrome shooters c 1960s were an optical innovation by Bausch & Lomb that's really never been equaled, and they are still in high demand by hunters, target and skeet shooters, and fashion afficianados who know the yellow Kalichrome lenses always generate questions and compliments from those around. The Kalichrome mineral glass lens was first produced by Bausch & Lomb in the 1950s, and if you've never worn them let us just say that what they do to enhance and sharpen the visual acuity is rather amazing. You will particularly notice the effect in hazy or low light conditions, with objects seeming to almost leap out at you like no other sunglass lens in the world. The 12k gold filled frame was B&L's highest quality gold plating used on only a subset of their Kalichrome shooter sunglasses production, and the 58mm frame is a perfect unisex size at approximately 5.25" temple to temple and lenses measuring approximately 2.25" x 1.875" at the widest points. This was the earliest version produced which you can tell by the marks; the top of the nose bridge is marked Ray-Ban (photo 16) and the bottom of the bridge is marked B&L 1/10 12k GF all impressed in the 12k gold plating. Rare.

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2 Almost as early as the 12k gold filled Kalichrome shooters marked only Ray-Ban on the bridge, Bausch & Lomb in the early 1960s introduced a 10k GO (Gold Overlay) frame and the new B&L Ray-Ban USA mark impressed in the gold plating on top of the nose bridge. Later, GF (Gold Filled) came to replace GO - although they mean the same thing - and production of 12k GF frames became more standard for their top of the line plating. These early and rare 58mm 10k gold filled Kalichrome shooters are identical except here the top of the bridge is marked B&L Ray-Ban USA and the bottom of the bridge is marked B&L 1/30 10k GO USA. Very rare.

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3 Vintage 12k gold filled 58mm Kalichrome shooters c late 1960s - early to mid 1970s are identical in size and appearance to #1 above but have the 1960s - early 1970s marks which include B&L Ray-Ban USA (photo 17) on top of the nose bridge and B&L 1/10 12k GF on the bottom of the bridge, all impressed in the 12k gold plating.

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4 Vintage 58mm Kalichrome shooters c 1960s are identical in size and appearance to those above but have standard gold plating. The top of the nose bridge is marked B&L Ray-Ban USA while the bottom of the bridge is marked B&L 58 [] 14 USA all impressed in the gold plating.

Item VS601-4 / Price: SOLD

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