Ray-Ban Arctic CATS Mirrored Glacier Glasses

1 Vintage B&L Ray-Ban Arctic CATS black glacier glasses are highly valued by skiers and outdoorsman for their comfortable fit, great style, and unparalleled optical quality and visual acuity in the extreme glare conditions of snow and ice. You can't beat the look or the performance of the highly reflective Bausch & Lomb G-31 silver mirrored lenses, the definitive optical lens for extreme snow and ski conditions. The leather side blinkers protect your eyes from the sides, and the French nylon frame ensures they won't stick to your skin even in the most extreme conditions. The blinkers rotate inward to permit the glasses to fold and close, and a retaining cord keeps them secure around your neck along with the curved Outdoorsman shooter ear stems. The Ray-Ban logo is embossed on each of the black ear stems, and the inside of one stem is impressed Frame France along with the distinctive crown mark while the inside of the other stem is marked Bausch & Lomb Frame France. They're a nice unisex size measuring approximately 5.5" temple to temple with mirrored B&L lenses that measure approximately 2.25" x 1.875" at the widest points and both laser etched BL near the hinges.

Item VS593-1 / Price: $325.00

2 If you prefer more subtle branding on your sunglasses, Bausch & Lomb made some of these identical black glacier glasses in the mid-1980s for the US Ski Team because of a brand conflict with an official Olympic sponsor. As such, the Ray-Ban brand could not be used so they were provided to members of the American and other Olympic teams as Bausch & Lomb eyewear, and were sold to the general public as Ray-Ban Sport sunglasses. Aside from the absence of the CATS branding on the ear stems, these B&L Ray-Ban black glacier glasses are identical in appearance to #1 above with full mirror Bausch & Lomb lenses, black nylon frame, and brown leather side blinkers. Both lenses are laser etched BL and included is the original Bausch & Lomb case in which they were sold.

Item VS593-2 / Price: $325.00

2A Step up another level beyond our already unequaled vintage condition standards with Bausch & Lomb Arctic CATS G-31 mirrored glacier glasses in mint, unworn condition.

Item VS593-2A / Price: $375.00

3 In 1993-1995, Bausch & Lomb marked one ear stem with the Ray-Ban logo as per the pair pictured but marked the other stem with the Ray-Ban CATS logo. They are otherwise identical in size, shape, appearance, and marks with #1.

Item VS593-3 / Price: $325.00

3B FRAME ONLY OPPORTUNITY! Sometimes when a great frame comes in but has a flaw that disqualifies them from a main listing on the site we use the opportunity to offer them to our customers at a great price. That's the case with these B&L Ray-Ban Arctic CATS G-31 glacier glasses with some very minor lens scratching that left them just short of our high condition requirements. Visible scratrching like this fades away outdoors so most folks would be pleased to wear these as is - they just fell short of our standards for a main site listing - or you can replace the lenses with the glass or polycarbonate lenses of your choice at your local optical shop.

Item VS593-3B / Price: $185.00

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