Ray-Ban 10k and 12k GF Double Gradient Mirror Outdoorsman Sunglasses

1 Vintage Ray-Ban 12k gf double gradient mirror aviator shooter sunglasses with "General" bar and Outdoorsman ear stems for a secure fit c 1960s - 1970s are a stunner. Everything Ray-Ban and vintage sunglass collectors look for is all wrapped up here in a single package. What stands out the most are the Bausch & Lomb double gradient mirrored lenses which are full silver mirror at the top and bottom of each 58mm lens with a darker stripe going across the center. B&L lens technology and design from this period set new optical standards to provide optimum anti-glare properties no matter which way the wearer was looking. This technique was particularly useful for aviators, for pilots look out to the horizon and down to the instrument panel and needed the best anti-glare protection possible for their eyes. The unisex Ray-Ban 12k GF Outdoorsman frame measures approximately 5.25" temple to temple, and the B&L highly reflective 58mm double gradient mirror lenses measure approximately 2.25" x 1.875" at the widest points. These rare B&L Ray-Ban 12k gold filled mirrored aviator sunglasses are marked B&L Ray-Ban USA on top of the nose bridge and B&L 1/10 12k GF below the nose bridge, all impressed in the gold plating. Rare.

Item VS266-1 / Price: $585.00

2 Bausch & Lomb also produced a small number of Double Gradient Mirror shooters in the Arista gold plated 58mm frame as part of the Ray-Ban Classic Metals line c 1980s and with the (not seen) model number L0418.They are identical in appearance with the earlier 12k GF production above in item vs266-1, and the plating on these is every bit as fine. They are impressed above the nose bridge B&L Ray-Ban USA and impressed B&L 58 [] 14 USA under the nose bridge.

Item VS266-2 / Price: $545.00

2A Step up another level beyond our already unequaled vintage condition standards with new old stock Ray-Ban 58mm double gradient mirror Outdoorsman shooter sunglasses in mint, unworn condition.

Item VS266-2A / Price: $585.00

3 If you want the earliest example of the 58mm double gradient mirror shooter, you'll want these very rare 10k GF double gradient mirror Outdoorsman sunglasses c 1960s. Identical in appearance, they are impressed B&L Ray-Ban USA on top of the nose bridge and impressed B&L 10k GF USA (some production also impressed B&L 1/30 10k GO USA) on the bottom of the bridge. Very rare.

Item VS266-3 / Price: $585.00

4 Produced during the same earliest period of production as the 10k shooters in item vs266-3, Bausch & Lomb was at the same time producing 12k GF 58mm double gradient mirror Outdoorsman shooters but in this early period only impressed Ray-Ban on top of the nose bridge and B&L 1/10 12k GF on the bottom of the bridge. Very rare.

Item VS266-4 / Price: $585.00

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