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VS2022: Vintage Gargoyles Legends sunglasses feature rare gold mirror lenses, highly reflective, lightweight, and with superior optical qualities. Vintage Gargoyles sunglasses were one of the earliest wrap sunglasses frames produced c 1980s, designed to contour more closely to the face in order to provide added eye protection from the sides. These gpld mirror Gargoyles look particularly good in the gleaming gold plated frame, one of the most popular sports sunglasses ever produced. Tell Me More

VS2120: Vintage American Optical steampunk goggles will be sure to get you noticed whether riding your motorcycle or skiing at the top of your favorite mountain. This very distinctive style of steampunk goggles is an icon of 20th century eyewear design, with durable nickel plated frame and ear stems that hold round green mineral glass lenses and brown leather side blinkers and matching nose guard. Tell Me More

VS2155: Vintage Killer Loop Northside W2501 were produced by Bausch & Lomb during the brief period in which they launched and owned this iconic brand, and the Northside is such a distinctive style that they were used extensively in Killer Loop sunglasses advertising back in the early to mid 1990s when they were produced. Yes, it's true - Killer Loop was owned and distributed by Bausch & Lomb and was designed to be the modern design extension to their Ray-Ban line. Tell Me More

VS2190: We often get asked about vintage Bausch & Lomb Steampunk safety goggles which show their age with 70 years of tarnish but have not been cleaned, and yet which have near mint condition lenses and all parts original and fully functioning. In response to this demand, we maintain a few listings when available of items that reflect this condition state to satisfy motorcycle enthusiasts who prefer aged condition to our typical selections which have either not been worn enough to produce this or have been meticulously cleaned and polished. Tell Me More

VS2214: Vintage Gargoyles Legends II sunglasses are part of the original collection of Gargoyles imported from Italy into the US in the 1990s, and we think you'll agree that it's one of the most striking designs of any brand of sunglasses. The matte black metal frame has a subtle wrap design to add eye protection from the sides, but what really stands out are the highly reflective blue mirror lenses that form the perfect color complement to the matte black frame. Tell Me More

VS2275: Collectors and fashion aficionados are always looking for large round antique sunglasses that are authentic to the period c 1930s and not cheap reproductions of the vintage style. That's what you have here, a beautiful example of a matte silver frame, large round light gray glass lenses, and shooter ear stems for the most secure fit possible in all conditions. Tell Me More

VS2390:Vintage Amerian Optical 12k GF Ful Vue sunglasses are a very rare gold plated variation of the iconic AN 6531 military aviator of the 1940s, but here you get a 12k gold filled frame with beautiful and elaborate etching that differentiates American Optical AN 6531 Outdoorsman aviator sunglasses from the nickel plated Bausch & Lomb AN6531 Outdoorsman sunglasses. AO gold plated 12k GF Ful Vue AN6531 sunglasses with bakelite brow bar were made in very small quantities, and thus they're a real rarity today. Tell Me More

VS2397: Vintage Suncloud Legendary Steel Gray Rose Gradient Mirror sunglasses are a sleek, high performance design from the very early days of the well known Suncloud brand, a finely crafted metal frame combined with optically outstanding rose gradient mirror Suncloud SCM lenses. The unique shape of Suncloud Legendary sunglasses stands out in a crowd, and during these early days Suncloud sunglasses and mineral glass lenses were as high quality as any brand of sunglasses on the market. Tell Me More

VS2400: Vintage Oliver Peoples OP 5 sunglasses is one of the earliest styles ever produced by Oliver Peoples, and it's a typically distinctive and finely crafted frame that is sure to attract attention and compliments most every time you wear them. Note the intricate etching that surrounds the front frame lenses and the inset decorations inside both ear stems and ear pads. The green oval lenses look great with the predominantly silver color of the OP-5 frame, a style that's equally at home at formal or casual occasions. Tell Me More

VS2444: Vintage Bausch & Lomb 12k GF Rounds sunglasses are one of the rarest of all Bausch & Lomb styles c 1940s, with an intricately etched 12k gold filled frame and shooter ear stems for the most secure fit possible. But of course the real stars of the show are the round blue lenses, a lens color Bausch & Lomb produced in only very small quantities but one of the most sought after colors of all today. Note the precise, intricate etching on the B&L 12k GF P3 Rounds frame. Tell Me More

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