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VS1660: Vintage American Optical Ful Vue sunglasses are one of the rarest styles in antique sunglasses and goggles, featuring the HC3 safety lens wherein the upper half of the lens is the super cool blue and the lower half is clear. This allows you to see the world blue when looking out and up but having clear, unfiltered vision when looking down. This early style of AO Ful Vue started life as safety goggles used in welding and other tasks wherein fire, heat, and glare threatened damage to one's eyes. Tell Me More

VS1846: Early vintage Bausch & Lomb Rainbow sunglasses feature an eye catching oversized frame produced in only very small quantities for about 2 years, but these vintage B&L sunglasses introduced alongside the Ray-Ban brand were seen on many TV and movie celebrities in the 1960s. Note the intricately crafted metal ear stems that form quite a contrast with the multi-color hues of the front frame, with open cut ovals that are both eye catching and difficult to manufacture. Tell Me More

VS2003: Vintage Gargoyles Legends II sunglasses are one of the most beautiful frame and lens color combinations ever produced during the golden years of Gargoyles production, a brushed silver frame with Gargoyle's Pink Ice mirrored lenses - virtually identical in appearance and color hues with Revo stealth mirror sunglasses. The subtle wrap design of the Gargoyles Legend II contours to your face to give added protection from wind and glare, and you'll love the Pink Ice lenses. Tell Me More

VS2004: Vintage Gargoyles Legends sunglasses feature a gleaming gold plated frame produced in far fewer quantities than black and silver variations, and what goes better with shimmering gold than Gargoyles highly reflective blue mirror lenses that also pick up hues of red and purple out in the sunlight. The subtle wrap design of the Gargoyles Legend II contours more closely to your face to give added protection from wind and glare, and you'll love the blue mirror lenses and the rimless bottom frame design. Tell Me More

VS2009: Vintage Maui Jim MJ 162 sunglasses were one of the very earliest styles produced at the inception of Maui Jim, produced in the 1980s during a period of time when vintage Maui Jims more closely resemble classic vintage Revo sunglasses than the lighter, often rimless Maui Jim styles of today. You'll love the tortoise shell ear tems of the Maui Jim MJ 162, and the gleaming copper front frame is the perfect complement along with the performance and look of the double gradient mirror mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS2011: Vintage American Optical Ful Vue goggles are hugely popular today with bkers and motorsports enthusiasts - and people who just want to look uniquely cool - but they started life back in the first quarter of the 20th century and have stood the test of time. In the late 1920's, the American Optical Company (AO), the largest manufacturer of eyewear and prescription lenses in the world at the time, filed patents on their new "Ful-Vue" design. The Ful-Vue idea was to raise the point where the arms joined the frame. Tell Me More

VS2012: Vintage Wilson steampunk goggles started life c 1930s as safety goggles but today they are actively sought after by motorcycle and vintage motorcyle enthusiasts. These Wilson goggles are exceptionally rare in the silver plate with round amber lenses, and you'll love both the look and the function of the hinged perforated silver plated side blinkers. The side blinkers fold inward to allow them to fit easily in a case, and the curved outdoorsman shooter ear stems give you a secure fit when riding. Tell Me More

VS2015: This listing includes vintage Bausch & Lomb Ray-Ban 12k GF clip on sunglasses with B&L RB-3 and yellow Kalichrome C lenses as well as American Optical intricately etched clip on sunglasses with their iconic green mineral glass AO lenses. Tell Me More

VS2016: Rare and authentic antique and vintage sunglasses and eyewear from the 1880s and 1890s through the early 1930s. Tell Me More

VS2017: More rare and authentic antique and vintage sunglasses and eyewear from the 1880s and 1890s through the early 1930s. Tell Me More

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