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VS871: Vintage Versace S34 030 sunglasses c mid 1990s feature gold link ear stems with the trademark Versace Medusa head decorating each stem at the temple, ensuring that Versace S34 sunglasses look as amazing from the sides as they do from the front. Everything exudes the finest Italian sunglasses quality, from the unique 24k gold plated frame to distinctive design features like the unique gold link nose bridge. Tell Me More

VS872: Very rare and very beautiful Versace Mod. S99 Col 030 sunglasses feature a 24k gold plated frame and a raised silver GV trademark emblem on the exterior of both ear stems. Notable design features of Versace S99 sunglasses also include thick front gold plated frame, a unique combination of curves and angles, and the tortoise shell ear pads which contrast wonderfully with the gold plate and the raised silver GV logo near both hinges. Tell Me More

VS873: Vintage Versace Mod S31 Col 948 sunglasses feature a sleek and elegant brushed gunmetal peweter frame and rounded rectangle Versace mineral glass lenses for a stylish and enduring fashion look. There are lots of subtle examples of design flair on Versace S31 sunglasses, including the arrow points on both ear stems impressed Versace and the continuation of that arrow theme at the start of the gloss black ear pads halfway down the stems. Tell Me More

>VS874: Vintage Versace Mod 458/A Col 919 Medusa Head sunglasses feature a sleek gloss black frame and the Versace trademark gold Medusa Head on both ear stems, one of the most popular Versace styles of the 1990s. The shape of Versace 458 sunglasses is reminiscent of Ray-Ban Wayfarers or the Persol 800 series, but nobody will confuse the distinctive Italian design of these Versace 458A sunglasses with anything but a Gianni Versace visioncription. Tell Me More

VS875: Vintage Swank 1950s French cat eye sunglasses are a unique variation on the style, with double point temples decorated with rhinestones adding some unique design flair to these midcentury sunglasses. The rhinestone decoration continues down both ear stems, and they look great contrasting with the sleek black frame that looks good with a wide variety of skin tones. Tell Me More

VS926: Vintage B&L Killer Loop W2421 Volatile sunglasses feature a lightweight brused aluminum frame and high performance flash mirror lenses in one of the most distinctive sunglass designs of the 20th century c early 1990s. These Killer Loops are not your cheap modern version of the iconic brand but rather were produced when Killer Loop sunglasses were owned and produced by Bausch & Lomb of Ray-Ban fame. Tell Me More

VS1010: Vintage American Optical Ful Vue 12k gold filled Kalichrome shooters were first popularized by hunters and shooters who valued the amazing visual acuity made possible by the yellow Kalichrome lenses of these early AO sunglasses. If you've never looked through vintage Kalichrome yellow lenses, you'll be amazed by the sharpness and visual acuity that's enhanced by these innovative mineral glass lenses especially in haze and low light conditions. Tell Me More

VS1046: Vintage Bausch & Lomb W0581 sunglasses feature a uniquely shaped and notched tortoise shell frame and B&L P-15 polarized lenses. Designed specifically for fishing and other high glare sports, Bausch & Lomb P-15 lenses filter out both reflected and direct glare - conditions which can impair vision and cause eye strain. The B&L W0581 frame is a smooth red tortoise color that has 3 notches above the nose bridge for some added design flair. Tell Me More

VS1166: Vintage Bausch & Lomb W1182 i's Levi's sunglasses were only produced for a few years by B&L in partnership with the famous Levis jeans company. The high quality matte black composite frame is durable yet lightweight, and they feature Bausch & Lomb i's mineral glass lenses for superb optical quality. Tell Me More

VS1167: Vintage Bausch & Lomb W1109 i's Levi's sunglasses in the style of vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarers were only produced for a few years by B&L in partnership with the famous Levis jeans company. The striking and eye catching orange and black tortoise shell frame is durable yet lightweight, and they feature Bausch & Lomb i's mineral glass lenses for superb optical quality. Tell Me More

VS1168: Vintage Bausch & Lomb Expressions W0063 Style 11 sunglasses feature B&L blue gradient lenses in a uniquely styled Bausch & Lomb frame c mid 1990s. You'll love the color combination of light blue, white, and clear tranlucence which all come together perfectly with the B&L blue gradient lenses. Tell Me More

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