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VS688: Vintage Versace model S22 collection 030 sunglasses feature incredibly rich gold plating and the Gianni Versace stylized gold G integrated into the design, an icon of top of the line Italian sunglasses. Authentic Versace sunglasses denote luxury, glamour, elegant style, and design and have been produced since 1978. Tell Me More

VS689: Vintage Versace model S62 collection 030 sunglasses feature incredibly rich gold plating and the Gianni Versace gold medusa head integrated into the design, an icon of top of the line Italian sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS716: Vintage Suntimer Victory S-553 sunglasses are an icon of over the top 1960s design, rare and guaranteed to get noticed every time you wear them out. You may remember these on some of the vintage 1960s fashion shoots and on Hollywood celebrities during the mid to late years of that turbulent decade and especially during the 1967 "summer of love." Tell Me More

VS717: Vintage 1960s French polka dot sunglasses are an icon of the 1960s hippie and freedom movements, exemplifying the swinging decade of the 60s. These are typical of French sunglasses of this period by being both very well made and very stylish, and the red and green polka dots set against the off white base color really look great together. Tell Me More

VS719: Vintage French midcentury sunglasses are one of the most unique styles of sunglasses you'll ever see, and they were quite expensive when made c 1950s - 1960s and sold primarily at high end big city optical shops and a few of the top French, English, and American department stores. Tell Me More

VS770: Vintage Bausch & Lomb AO (American Optical) steampunk goggles started life as safety goggles but today are worn mostly as motorcycle and open air goggles with one of the most striking and eye catching looks you'll ever see in vintage fashion. The stars of the show here are the steel mesh side blinkers that rotate inward to permit the glasses to fold up; interestingly enough, the ear stems fold the opposite way from most sunglasses to enable a thin profile when folded even when the side blinkers are on. Tell Me More

VS782: Vintage B&L Bausch & Lomb mirrored glacier glasses are one of the finest ski sunglasses ever produced, with heavily mirrored B&L lenses, leather side blinkers, and a durable nylon frame that won't stick to your skin even in the most extreme conditions. The dark brown all leather side blinkers look great with the French nylon front frame which won't stick to your skin in cold conditions. Tell Me More

VS825: Vintage1960s French sunglasses feature a lustrous pearlized frame and green lenses that combine for a superb midcentury look that stands the test of time. This is really a classic style in vintage French fashion sunglasses from this era, and the oval shape looks great on a variety of face sizes and shapes. Tell Me More

VS835: Vintage Julbo Micropore glacier glasses with blue mirror lenses are one of the most functional and high performance ski sunglasses you'll every find not to mention one of the coolest with these rare blue mirror Alti Arc 4+ lenses. Julbo Micropore glacier glasses were specially designed to provide great ventilation and keep the goggles from fogging, and you see the techniques used in areas such as the front nose bridge and the leather side flaps. Tell Me More

VS836: For the best performance for those who prefer non-mirrored lenses, we've always been partial to these vintage Julbo Atlas glacier glasses with Spectron X4 lenses. This sleek black Julbo Atlas frame with black leather nose guard and side flaps looks fantastic with the Julbo Spectron X4 brown lenses, and they're scratch and impact resistant, allow 13% visible light transmission to keep bright sun from harming your eyes, and provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. Tell Me More

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