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VS214: Direct from a Jacksonville, Florida estate, enjoy seeing the most unique pair of 1960s hippie glasses we've ever had - oversized round lenses in a geometric pattern frame coupled with twin chains and matching dangle discs off each side for a look that's absolutely guaranteed to get noticed anywhere you go! Tell Me More

VS260: Rare vintage Bausch & Lomb steampunk safety goggles c 1940s combine extra strong B&L green safety glass lenses with a very sturdy metal frame, and these pioneered the look of steampunk motorcycle goggles which is the typical use today of these and their twins the B&L Ful Vue goggles.The green glass side blinkers keep out wind, sunlight (and bugs) while protecting the eyes from the sides, and they swing on a hinge to close the glasses and conform to the face. Tell Me More

VS280: Very early vintage Bausch & Lomb 12k gold filled sunglasses c 1950s have a look that's still pretty cool in the 21st century. There are a lot of things to love about these vintage B&L sunglasses c 1950s including the top accent pattern reminiscent of snakeskin and extend down the 2 ear stems, the etched gold nose bridge. Tell Me More

VS294: Very early Maui Jim MJ-159 sunglasses c 1980s are a black wrap design with incredible mirrored lenses that employ a blue blocker rear coating reminiscent of what you will see in vintage Vuarnet Skilynx sunglasses. The wrap design gives you additional eye protection from the sides, and the durable black frame is designed for active outdoor pursuits. Tell Me More

VS370: If you mistake these Maui Jim sunglasses for Revos, you wouldn't be the first. Early vintage Maui Jim MJ-167 blue tortoise shell mirrored sunglasses are definitely not your modern Maui Jims - and we think a whole lot better! It combines striking blue tortoise ear stems with lots of different colors interspersed for a great look with moderately reflective Maui Jim mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS420: Vintage Gargoyles Legends mirrored wrap sunglasses were one of the early styles produced by the company, with high quality Italian frame and an innovative lens shape and design. These classic Gargoyles Legends feature full wrap silver mirrored lenses and the famous Gargoyles trademark at the top center. Tell Me More

VS428: Vintage Lulu Guiness Charlie L421 Blu sunglasses are one of the most distinctive styles produced by Lulu Guiness, now discontinued and never made in very large quantities. We really like the geometric blue pattern on the Lulu Guiness Charlie you'll find on both ear stems, and baby blue exterior and white interior of the front frame is really striking in its design. Tell Me More

VS445: Vintage and rare B&L W2505 Killer Loop Northside gold mirror sunglasses have such a distinctive style that they were used extensively in Killer Loop sunglasses advertising back in the early to mid 1990s when they were produced. Yes, it's true - Killer Loop was owned and distributed by Bausch & Lomb. Tell Me More

VS575: From the early days of Killer Loop and distributed by Bausch & Lomb, these rare Killer Loop K0611 Molotov sunglasses feature a matte gunmetal wrap Italian frame and top of the line gunmetal flash mirrored lenses. This is a really beautiful design and a predecessor to later Oakley design, and we love the matte gunmetal frame with the eye catching Killer Loop logo in raised oval insert on the exterior of both ear stems. Tell Me More

VS624: Very rare Bausch & Lomb steampunk goggles c 1940s started out life as high end safety glasses but today are worn by bikers and other outdoor enthusiasts who want authentic antique goggles and the associated quality that comes with them. The most notable design feature are the amazing steel mesh side blinkers, and they rotate on hinges to contour closely to the face to give you added protection on the sides. Tell Me More

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