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VS3196: Vintage Gargoyles Legends II sunglasses feature the rare and eye catching Tortuga top frame accent, far harder to find and made in far smaller quantities than Gargoyles Legends variations in gold, silver, and black. The Black Ice lenses look great with the eye catching Tortuga tortoise shell top frame and ear stems, more subtle than Gargoyles mirrored lenses and thus putting more of a spotlight on the Tortuga. Tell Me More

VS3197: Vintage Gargoyles Legends sunglasses are a rare frame and lens combination you'll seldom see in iconic vintage Gargoyles sunglasses, a sleek matte silver top frame and ear stems coupled with highly reflective blue mirror lenses. The wrap sunglasses design of vintage Gargoyles will contour more closely to the face to provide added glare protection from the sides, one of the reasons vintage Gargoyles largely dominated the sports world when they were first introduced in the 1990s. Tell Me More

VS3198: Vintage Gargoyles Legends II sunglasses feature rare gold mirror lenses, highly reflective, lightweight, and with superior optical qualities as was the case with all vintage Gargoyles sunglasses from the 1990s. Vintage Gargoyles sunglasses were one of the earliest wrap sunglasses frames ever produced, designed to contour more closely to the face in order to provide added eye protection from the sides. These gold mirror Gargoyles look particularly good with the hard to find Tortuga frame, with many hues of color. Tell Me More

VS3199: Vintage Gargoyles Legends II sunglasses feature the very rare light pink frame and highly reflective Gargoyles Pink Ice lenses, arguably the rarest and most eye catching of any of the iconic Gargoyles Legends or Legends II sunglasses. The subtle wrap design of vintage Gargoyles adds to the eye protection from tte sides which made them isntantly popular with sports stars of tth 1990s, but with styles like these Pink Ice Gargoyles they became firmly entrenched in the high fashion world as well. Tell Me More

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