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VS2830: Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier 56-7109 sunglasses feature elaborate, intricately crafted eye cups that fuses blue enamels to the metal for an eye catching and distinctive style. They're sure to attract attention and compliments, but it's not as over the top as some Gaultier designs can sometimes be - not to mention functional with the additional eye protection the cups provide. Tell Me More

VS2896: Vintage Oliver Peoples OP-79 MBK sunglasses feature an elaborately crafted black metal and yellow tortoise shell frame, one of the most distinctive designs produced by Oliver Peoples LA during their golden years in the 1980s. Note the curved metal temples and black bands that frame the lenses, a perfect color complement for the gleaming translucent yellow tortoise shell front frame. Note the subtle etching that extends down both ear stems for even more design flair! Tell Me More

VS2897: Vintage Fendi FS 241 529 sunglasses by Atair feature a really eye catching gold plated and black frame with intricate detail and scrollwork, a style reminiscent of vintage Versace sunglasses from this same period of the early 1990s. Pay particular attention to the flowing gold lines offset with black that decorate each temple, a distinctive trademark of Fendi sunglasses from this period. Tell Me More

VS2925: Vintage Gargoyles Legends II sunglasses date to the golden years of Gargoyles production in the 1990s, a matte silver frame with Gargoyle's moderately reflective gray wrap lenses. The subtle wrap design of the Gargoyles Legend II contours to your face to give added protection from wind and glare, and the lightweight and high performance frame and optics made them popular with well known sports figures in the 1980s and 1990s - and into today! Tell Me More

VS2926: Vintage Bolle Crevasse glacier glasses were produced at shared production facilities with sister company Vuarnet, sharing parts and exact size and shape with Vuarnet 027 glacier glasses (as seen in the James Bond movie Spectre) of this period. The flexible leather side blinkers protect your eyes from wind and glare from the sides, and the adjustable Outdoorsman ear stems that curve behind the ear and a strap through the leather side blinkers keeps them securely around your neck. Tell Me More

VS2964: Vintage Killer Loop K0272 Venom sunglasses date to the brand's ownership by Bausch & Lomb and feature a gleaming gold wrap style frame that contours to fit more closely to the face for added protection from wind and glare from the sides. But even more the star of the show are the flash mirror lenses that aid in reflecting glare but moreover look super cool when paired with the gloss gold plating of the frame. Tell Me More

VS2965: Vintage Gargoyles Legends sunglasses were one of the early styles produced by the company, with high quality Italian frame and an innovative lens shape and design. These classic Gargoyles Legends feature a wrap style frame that contours nicely to the face and with the famous Gargoyles trademark at the top center. Made famous in movies such as Dirty Harry and The Terminator, vintage Gargoyles introduced the world to intricately designed wrap frames that preceded later styles by Oakley and others. Tell Me More

VS2970: Vintage Oliver Peoples OP 43 sunglasses feature an intricately etched silver frame and matchiing etched antique gold clip on sunglasses for one of the best looks you'll ever find from the golden years of Oliver Peoples sunglasses. Perfect for those who need RX prescription lenses but still want super cool designer eyewear, the combination of silver and gold along with the easily distinguishable high quality construction makes these hard to find sunglasses are unique gift or treat for yourself. Tell Me More

VS2986: Vintage Willson leather goggles started life as safety goggles back in the 1930s but today they are used primarily to look super cool and retro riding motorcycles and for other active outdoor pursuits. This very rare and early version combines leather with the metal frame to produce a look that is as distinctive today as it was when first produced, and the ear stems wrap behind the ears to provide the most secure fit possible. Tell Me More

VS2990: Vintage Suncloud SC-5 black glacier glasses feature highly reflective mirrored lenses c 1980s, which during this time were considered one of the finest examples of ski eyewear you could buy and rivaling the very best of Bausch & Lomb and Vuarnet. Suncloud polarized lenses selectively filter horizontally reflected, visually interfering light waves known as glare, and the elimination of direct and ambient glare results in superior visual clarity, definition, color transmission, and optical comfort. Tell Me More

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