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VS227: Vintage Revo 3041 081 K2 sunglasses are notable for their copper Italian frame coupled with top of the line Revo P H20 polarized lenses in the rounded rectangular shape that looks great on a variety of face sizes and shapes. The Revo logo is embossed on each copper ear stem in a "double bullet" impression on each stem, a subtle yet effective use of the brand logo. Tell Me More

VS231: Vintage Revo 3055 080 J5 sunglasses are hard to find and hard to beat, and they feature a beautiful and elegant combination of chrome, black, and Revo purple tint h20 polarized lenses. The unisex Revo 3055 frame measures approximately 5.5" temple to temple and features silver hinges and a double nose bridge in classic aviator style coupled with gloss black ear stems where you'll find the Revo logo embossed near each each low profile hinge. Tell Me More

VS233: We get a lot of requests for vintage Revo 860 mirrored sunglasses but none more so than classic Revo 860 001 sunglasses with blue mirror lens. Both men and women love the shape of the 840 line durable black French frame, and it's hard to argue with the effect Revo blue mirrored lenses have on both wearer and viewer. Tell Me More

VS235: Vintage Revo 1013 001 sunglasses feature one of the most unique lense ever created by Revo back in the days when their optical innovations were fresh from use in the U.S. space program. You will note in the photos how these Revo H20 polarized lenses can shade completely between a glistening red mirror and a vibrant stealth blue. Tell Me More

VS237: Vintage Revo 3047 093 copper wrap sunglasses are one of the sleekest looks Revo has ever produced, and the gleaming copper frame really stands out from the norms. This is a style that will get attention, and we made particular note of the sleek design of the nose bridge and brown polarized H20 lenses coupled with the copper frame. Tell Me More

VS240: Vintage Revo 3008 081 sunglasses have a unique copper frame in Revo's distinctive Python pattern reminiscent of snakeskin forming both ear stems. The copper Python frame is combined with Revo's top of the line H20 polarized lenses in the rounded rectangular shape that always look great on a variety of face sizes and shapes. Tell Me More

VS244: Vintage Revo 3030 093 Viper Executive Flex sunglasses are a subtle wrap design to give front and side protection to your eyes with its Revo P H20 polarized lenses, but what really stands out in Revo 3030 sunglasses is the gleaming copper Italian frame. It's a great look and high quality construction, and the unique ear stems feature an embossed Revo log before they transition with a bullet effect to a dark matte brown from the halfway point on to the ear pads. Tell Me More

VS245: Classy vintage Revo 1205 034 etched copper teashade sunglasses are sleek and elegant, with an etched copper frame that perfectly complements the oval Revo green lenses measuring approximately 1.75" x 1.375" at the widest points. Tell Me More

VS248: Rare Revo 1111 001 black python sunglasses with Revo blue mirrored lenses c. early 1990s are one of the most in demand styles of any vintage Revos we carry and very hard to find. Tell Me More

VS251: One of the most popular Revo vintage lines is the 965, and here are the Revo 965 001 blue mirror lens sunglasses that started it all. Revo 965 sunglasses are a unique Revo interpretation of classic aviator sunglasses, but they do it with oval and colorful mirrored lenses and a black frame. Tell Me More

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