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VS3025: Vintage Bausch & Lomb Art Deco rounds Outdoorsman sunglasses were produced in only small quantitites back c 1940s but even a smaller subset were done with the newly introduced Bausch & Lomb B-15 brown mineral glass safety lenses. Note the horizontal etching on the silver plated frame at the nose bridge and temples in the Art Deco style, and the "shooter" Outdoorsman ear stems provide the most secure fit possible. Tell Me More

VS3035: Vintage Oliver Peoples OP-554 sunglasses feature a super cool, eye catching rounded rectangular silver plated front frame and ear stems, but the reason the OP-554 is so highly sought after is this is one of the smallest styles of vintage Oliver Peoples and one of the only ones to come with their yellow optical lenses. This is a smaller style, very distinctive, and one that's sure to draw questions and compliments most every time you wear them. Tell Me More

VS3036: Vintage Oliver Peoples 506 382 sunglasses feature a beautiful light tortoise shell frame in the classically designed OP 506 frame, a true icon of vintage sunglasses design and one of the most popular of all vintage Oliver Peoples designs. Of course you also get the Oliver Peoples green lenses that provide the perfect color complement for this frame, and don't miss the precise and intricate etching that decorates both antique gold ear stems. Tell Me More

VS3052: Vintage Bausch & Lomb Ray-Ban AN6531 military aviator sunglasses are the iconic original B&L military version aviator sunglasses c 1930s/ 1940s, issued to the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps in the years leading up to and during World War II . This is the style from which all future B&L Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses and shooters originate including the famous 10k GF and 12k GF Outdoorsman sunglasses which have their own place in eyewear history. Tell Me More

VS3070: Vintage Oliver Peoples For Beck Double Helix sunglasses feature a size and shape reminiscent of vintage Oakley Frogskins but make an unmistakable and unique design statement by the indie-music pioneer and superstar Beck. You'll love the translucence of the front frame with distinctive red / orange vertical lines all brought together by the black ebony ear stems. This is one of the best celebrity collaborations in the history of designer sunglasses. Tell Me More

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