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VS2867: Vintage Cazal Mod 183 Col 242 sunglasses are a design explosion of hues of red, pink, and white accented by the gold ear stems, an eye catching design from Cazal founder and chief designer Cari Zalloni. The curves and angles of Cazal 183 sunglasses complement and offset each other, creating the distinctive visual interest for the design that matches the finely crafted German frame. Tell Me More

VS2869: Vintage Cazal Mod 181 Col 242 sunglasses combine curves with horizontal banding and soft shades of blue and gold to go with the clear translucent front frame and gold plated ear stems. Distinctive Z pattern ear stems complement the look of the front frame, a style you'll really only find in vintage Cazal eyewear. Tell Me More

VS2870: Vintage Cazal 912 973 sunglasses are one of the most elegant and distinctive sunglass designs ever produced by Cazal and its legendary designer and founder Cari Zalloni - and that's saying quite a lot! The combination of matte gold front frame in its unique and intricately crafted shape is only the start, for the ear stems feature a snakeskin pattern that's so realistic that you'll swear they're covered in real snakeskin. Tell Me More

VS2920: Vintage Cazal 955 322 sunglasses are an icon of modern sunglasses design, one of the most eye catching designs of all time that combines the rare gold and white Cazal Mod 955 frame with those distinctive side panels along with super Cazal blue gradient lenses. It's one of the best looks you'll ever see, sure to garner questions and compliments most every time you wear them. The side panels give your eyes added protection from the sides, and stylistically you'll be in good company with the many celebrities who have worn vintage Cazal sunglasses over the years. Tell Me More

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